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Haven't blogged here for ages. Been lurking though, and enjoying everyone else's input.

We were burgled last Saturday. They  took everything they could lay their hands on - passports, wallets, laptop, car keys (and car). We all slept like babies while this was going on. I can't believe it! I'm normally an incredibly light sleeper - even the cat walking upstairs wakes me up! Was exhausted though - truly hideous long stressful day at work and didn't get home until very late.

Oh well, at least it was only things that they took. No-one was harmed. And they left the lovely expensive perfectly ripe Waitrose mangoes I'd splurged on as a treat...thankful for small mercies!

Police rang two days later to say they'd apprehended a couple of youths driving our car through the town (bit thick, don't you think!? It's such a small town, someone would be bound to notice!). It's more or less ok apart from a broken wing mirror, so that's something.

Off work this week - I always take some annual leave about now to get ahead for Christmas. Can't seem to get into it this year, though. All that frantic present shopping, trying to find things that will be useful as well as pleasurable! As my youngest daughter says - the best bit is having family all together and enjoying the company, the food, the log fire and the rubbishy tv!

Must plan high-raw celebration meals. Any suggestions very welcome! Must look out Penni's recipe for maple pecans - I made those a while ago and OMG - so good! Could eat the whole lot at one sitting, no problem. Will be perfect for handing round as nibbles pre-Christmas dinner.

Have been high-raw, but feeling the need to go all-raw again for a bit. Funny how that always happens at this time of year. You'd think with the cold weather, it would be a case of wanting to eat more stodgy food, but perhaps it's an instinctive need to store up nutrients to ward off viruses? Everyone at work is coughing and sneezing like mad. There's a great deal of pressure put on us staff to all have the annual flu jab in order 'to 'protect our pregnant and postnatal mums'. I've resisted so far. Really not happy to keep putting dodgy substances into my body each year (I read some vaccines have mercury in their base). Lot of unspoken disapproval from my bosses. 

Had a cooked vegan breakfast this morning as low on supplies in the kitchen till I go out shopping later, but will have lovely big raw Waldorf salad for lunch and Yuri Elkaim's carrot and ginger soup for dinner. That ought to keep any bugs at bay!

Have a lovely day, Rehabbers!

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Comment by djd on November 29, 2012 at 2:35pm

The pressure for flu shots is not logical.  I think it is the ones who have had the shot that then have the virus and could spread it.  If they are as protected as they believe, why should it matter if you are not?

Sorry about the robbery, I hope you get your papers back, that adds up in money to be replaced.

Comment by Supermom on November 18, 2012 at 12:02am

Frightening!  You are handling the break-in so beautifully! I am so glad you are all ok.

I signed up for's recipe archives, have Penni's Raw For The Holidays, and  am watching Russell James videos to come up with great meals for the entire holiday season. We have the best tasting ingredients of all, fresh raw produce! Love it! 

Good for you to resist the vaccines and opt to prevent illness through powerful nutrition!

Comment by Kate Frances on November 17, 2012 at 2:43pm

Blimey, how awful! And how brave of you! I must admit I sleep with a chair wedged under the door handle now!

Are you doing your Flylady holiday tasks? I keep looking at them... have got as far as gathering up wrapping paper and sellotape and putting them in one spot, but that's it.

Keep meaning to come up your neck of the woods - really want to see Tate St Ives. If I do come in the spring, perhaps we could meet somewhere for a herbal tea? (Oh, the decadence!). It would be nice to meet another raw-fooder!

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