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After a long week of sick children and night courses the fridge was more than a little bare. Needless to say I hadn't made a grocery list and sent my huband out with the kids to shop. Yay for me! Thank heavens for small miracles.

Well, My husband and kids arrived home with bags of groceries to unload and put away. Bag Number one...pumkin pie and two containers of ice cream. My husband excitedly exclaims "they were two for one!"

I bit my tongue and kept unloading. Next was four containers of peanut butter. I'm not talking about organic unrefined stuff either. Yet out comes another proud remark of how they were on sale. My tongue is starting to hurt here.

Bread, crackers, steak, cheese, skim milk, etc. etc. I looked at the receipt. $95

Okay. I can just bite my tonuge off and get it over with.

The upside. I found two bags of produce amongst the SAD lot. None was organic. Total $25

I'm thinking I'll be doing the shopping from now on. Am I the only one who thinks he's done this on purpose?

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Comment by Gina Ripley on September 29, 2010 at 2:35pm
Don't worry ladies. This was supposed to be funny and an ironic lesson for me. I understand my husband was just oblivious. If I'd had a list it would have helped.
I'm the one who shops most of the time and it's been mostly whole, raw and organic for the last month.
It's a struggle for me to not eat the stuff that was brought home though.
My kids are only four years old so I'm trying to get them to think healthy food is fun and the norm. I'll usually find a raw substitite to what they want and it keeps them happy.
I know my husband was trying to help. I do wish he's pay a little more attention to the efforts put in at home keeping things healthy. I don't dare nag him. He's 14 yrs older and a high school teacher. I know it would go in one ear and out the other.
Anyhow. All fantastic and much appreciated comments.
Raw Mom cooked, SAD dad it is.
I'll keep leading by example and hoping that my aged hubby isn't completely set in his ways.
Comment by Jean on September 28, 2010 at 3:46pm
They tried. Now go do it your way LOL. It usually comes out right when I do it myself.
Comment by Jeanine Hasenkopf on September 28, 2010 at 9:09am
they were really hungry and drawn to the bad stuff I resemble that remark at times :) They tried to help you out which is very sweet and loving, pop out and get lots of produce and dilute the junk
Comment by Deborah Grissam on September 28, 2010 at 8:29am
Oh- Well I bet the kids had a great time with dad. If you have the receipt you could always take it back- while he is not looking-
Comment by Linda Ann on September 28, 2010 at 7:12am
Check out Raw Mom Cooked Dad! to the
Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on September 28, 2010 at 6:06am
I see his shopping as a loving gesture to help you out. He may have been super hungry, as were the kids, and this is what husbands n kids would pick out...peanut butter n steak. If he isnt raw (obviously) he was buying food he likes and they like.

They will choose and prob want to eat that food and thats why they bought it.

If I ever (used to)think anyone did something on purpose, unless it is blatantly obvious(if so, so what!), I dont go there. I seek reasons why that is not the case. Otherwise it may start me on a trail of thinking badly about them.....seeking further evidence of ways they are intent to hurt. I see that they are always helpful and looking out for my best interests, then look for evidence to support THAT. Otherwise I leave no room for them to be great and supportive, if I only painted them wrong.

And next time I go shopping, I lead by example. I might lovingly buy him something he likes for food (within reason), whether it is my choice of food or not. I find the way of love works the best. I seek to meet everything with love. Loving thoughts, loving actions.

Hope this helped.
Comment by Vegan♥for♥Life on September 28, 2010 at 5:23am
HA! I don't think he's done that on purpose...
Here's a thought. Freeze the pies for the upcoming holidays and take to gatherings. same tthe ice cream. The peanut butter? Take pine cones, schmear the peanut butter on them and roll in black oil sunflower seeds for the birds. Same with the steak, cheese, bread and cracker - freeze it. If you have the room, or could you take it back? Or donate it somewhere. I know - expensive lesson. But I know for me, if I don't have it around, I won't eat it.
And yup, looks like YOU will be doing the shopping from now on...sheesh!

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