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Due to being hypothyroid I am unable to have cruciferous veggies raw so cannot put them into a juice and would be most greatful for any help as to how I can make a good healthy, nutritious juice for the remainder of the 11 week challenge that I have joined in just yesterday.

I don't particularly enjoy the taste of spinach although I do believe that I can have that - but a spinach tasting juice would put me off for life I think LOL.

If this is not the right place for this request I apologise still trying to find my way around. Marianne

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Comment by Anastazia on January 8, 2011 at 2:01pm

I'm hypothyroid, too, though seem to be successfully reversing it by going 100% raw & doing kelp tincture 3 x's daily (not 1x daily as it says on the bottle...was told 3x's by herbalist at the health food store)...

...the tihng about greens is that you also have to alternate them every few days, they all have alkaloids that will build up (esp. affecting joints, etc.) if you don't...

Do you mean juice, or green smoothies? Even with juice, add sweet fruits (tomatoes, cukes, etc) & celery, they will really cover up the green taste until your body adjusts to it, & then even CRAVES it...we have NEW TASTEBUDS every 28 days or so, & they really do change, once they get used to foods natural flavors, & healthiness! Our bodies are so incredibly made!!!

Oh, also, fresh grated ginger (not too much!) covers up the taste of anything string! & cinnamon, too, & if all else fails, add a little organic real vanilla, lol! It's saved me from having to throw out lotsa organic ingredients when I first started learning!

 Looking forward to following your porgress! & yes, eat bananas! & use them in green smoothies, it makes 'em creamy, filling, & awesome! Frozen bananas mixed in the food processor makes a soft-ice cream like dessert that's INCREDIBLE,  too! just add a few berries, or cocoa, or carob, too!


Comment by KickinItRaw TheHealthyWay on May 4, 2010 at 10:35pm
I have no experience or knowledge when it comes to being hypothyroid, or even about cruciferous veggies. But I have found that the best fruit to use with spinach in a green smoothie is bananas. I've tried them all and banana does the best at tasting good and covering up any green taste. I wish you all the best in finding good combinations you can use. :)
Comment by Marianne on May 4, 2010 at 1:44pm
All raw cruciferous veggies are thyroid suppressants Mary as is any form of soy other than fermented, soy sauce, shoyu etc. If you do a search, 'foods bad for hypothyroids' then it will bring up all that you should avoid like the plague - cooked cruciferous are absolutely fine but not too often. I did a quick search for you and this one was the first up was.
Thank you for your recipe, I will try it out, didn't get the opportunity to shop today but hope that I will tomorrow. I have not had bananas for long time as my husband is dairy and wheat intolerant and suffers with allergic rhinitis and sinus problems (polyps) and bananas are mucus forming fruits - it was just easier to avoid them but I know how good they are for me.
Comment by Mary M. on May 4, 2010 at 1:11pm
Hi Marianne and welcome! I always cut my green smoothies with fruit to make them more palatable. I especially like bananas, frozen berries and/or orange juice. Today I made a green smoothie with the juice of 2 blood oranges, a handful of frozen strawberries, 2 bananas and a big handful of baby spinach. It was delicious and made enough for two big glasses. I shared with my husband. :-)

I've never heard of not being able to eat cruciferous vegetables with hypothyroidism. Could you tell me a bit more? I have this problem, too.
Comment by Marianne on May 4, 2010 at 8:37am
Thank you very much Laura, I shall get the ingredients that I am missing here and let you know how it went, sounds good to me though.

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