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I know sometimes people find it annoying, but I am so addicted to gratitude lists.  They make me feel so good, I can't help but want to make them all the time. 

Here is one for today:

- it's been a peaceful day at home for us, and we needed it. 

- i've been able to experiment with food because we didn't have to get anywhere

- made raw chocolate ice cream in the ice cream maker a friend recently gave me because she got another one, so grateful for the maker, and grateful for the internet where it's easy to find recipes

- appreciate all my helpful-to-raw-lifestyle appliances which have come free or cheaply - not all necessarily the rolls royces of appliances but functional and reliable: juice extractor, food processor, vitamix, dehydrator, coffee grinder, ice cream maker

- i made a pesto that tastes awesome,  out of the dandelions i picked from the yard

- a good friend came over and is playing with my daughter while i write this blogpost

- the weather has been sunny and warm

- i have lots of good food in the house - pea shoots growing tall in a container, a basil plant on the windowsill, a bit of wheatgrass growing, some sunflower seeds sprouting, lots of bananas, avocados, tomatoes, chai tea, carrots, red pepper, arugula, turnips, raw cheese, mangos, pears, oranges, apples, garlic, some cucumber.  i have some leftover kelp noodles, peanut butter, miso paste, nori, sesame seeds, cashews,....the list goes on...different things for my daughter - organic potatoes, corn chips, yogurt, free range eggs.  wow just listing that made me feel really grateful.

- the tree in the front yard now has flowers and i get to see them through the window when i wake up

- my daughter is getting off sugar for the most part

- we are getting enough sleep

- i feel like i am coming more emotionally into balance than i have been for a while (um can you say 'winter')

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Comment by Amahla Johnson on May 25, 2013 at 1:53am

thanks mary :).  was just hearing recently that the attitude of gratitude helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.   i often do variation lists and they each create a slightly different affect - things that are making me feel happy lately, things i'm proud of myself for, ways in which i see myself getting stronger, benefits to things that i find challenging etc. are some examples.  i also like to pick a quality that i want more of (eg calmness) and reflect on times in my life when i've felt the most that way (calm) or things that provoke that feeling in me.  

Comment by Mary Perry on May 19, 2013 at 1:57pm

Girl!!  You had me at "addicted!"  You unwittingly have set my goal for me.  See, I struggle with gratitude, so the very thought of becoming addicted to it made my spirit leap for joy. 


I am a minister with a small house church for cops, crooks and regular folks.  One of the themes I pound into my little flock's heads is the need to be grateful and to practice gratitude.  Sis, now I am going to encourage addiction and obsession to it, thanks to your inspiration.  Well done.  Carry on.

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