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Ok, I stopped making excuses and I actually bought some all natural juice (the best juice I could find with no ingredients except plant ingredients) to augment my home made juice.

I'm back to eating natures little known and often overlooked packaged food products; otherwise know as plain old fruits and vegetables! ;)

I have to admit, my brain at least is 100% clearer in just one day. Also my intestines feel squeaky clean for some odd reason. Hahaha.... It was like the raw food army invaded and said "get out of here vile vegetarian intruders!". LOL (No offense to vegetarians's not you, it's me...really.)

I'm hovering at 60% juice and 40% natural unprocessed stuff that grows on a plant...not made in a plant.

100% raw baby once again! (Hey, it's one no biggie. ;)

Keep in all natural and RAW people.

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Comment by meherbani Kaur on October 15, 2012 at 11:15pm


no biggie :) much!

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