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Just recovering from a bout of pneumonia!  Not fun- after the meds are gone, I want to really start focusing on getting my lungs and breathing completely healed.   I googled and found that making sure to get enough potassium is good and that carrot juice, ginger and garlic are all good things for the lungs-  I am taking lots of the recommended herbs, lobelia, licorice, ALJ, nettles, ginseng.

Just wondering if anyone has more suggestions of things that have helped you to strengthen and heal your lungs?  Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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Comment by Deborah Grissam on September 5, 2012 at 6:35am

Wow thanks so much Bette!  I love it!

Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on September 4, 2012 at 1:37pm

Here is my list:

Daily multivitamin. Look for products containing 15,000 IU of mixed carotenoids, including beta-carotene.
Vitamin C. This water-soluble vitamin can provide additional protection against the oxidative effects of air pollution and smoke.
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This powerful antioxidant can improve the use of oxygen at the cellular level.
Cordyceps and reishi mushrooms. These Chinese medicinal mushrooms may be useful in promoting optimal respiratory efficiency and protecting against chronic lung disease.
B vitamins. Especially B6, may help protect against lung cancer by supporting immune function.
Vitamin D. This fat-soluble hormone may help prevent the cellular changes that promote lung cancer.

Mullein. The flowers and leaves of this Mediterranean native can help relieve dry, bronchial coughs and help alleviate chest congestion.
Zhu ling (Polyporus umbellatus). This mushroom may be particularly useful in protecting against lung cancer: Research suggests it may help stimulate the body's immune response against lung tumors.

Foods That Support The Lung

Job’s tears
Asparagus (Tonifies Yin) (drains damp, clears heat)
Bamboo Shoot (Clears Heat, drains damp, drains water)
Carrot (Promotes Qi Circulation)
Coriander Leaf (promotes Blood Circ.)
Mushroom (button) (promotes Qi, removes toxins, resolvesphl)
Onion (drains damp, counteracts cold, removes toxins)
Pumpkin (drains damp, eliminates parasites)
Radish (drains damp, resolves phlegm, promotes Qi,
Removes toxins)
Spring Onion
Swiss chard (clears heat, removes toxins)
Water Chestnut
Yam (Tonifies Qi and Yin)
Apple (clears heat, green apple for weight loss)
Papaya (drains damp)
Pear (Tonifies Yin/Soothes the Liver/clears heat)
Lima Bean (tonifies Yin)
Almond (resolves Phlegm)
Pine Kernel (promotes blood circ./counteracts cold)
Walnut (tonifies Yang/Qi/Yin//resolves phlegm/cold)
Whitefish (supports the spleen as well)
MEAT (if you eat meat)
Egg (chicken) (counteracts heat)(support the 5 viscera)
Egg (duck)
OILS & Condiments
Peanut Oil
Malt Sugar
Chrysanthemum/Lemon Balm/Peppermint/Soy Milk/Tea/Wine
Common Supplements
Ginseng (American)
Ginseng (Chinese)
Basil ( Drains damp/Promotes Qi Circ.)
Cayenne (tonifies Yang/promotes blood circ. & Qi Circ.)
Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon Twig
Garlic (tonifies Yang/drains damp/resolves phlegm/Qi Circ)
Ginger (dry & fresh)
Mustard (promotes Qi Circ.)
Rosemary (Tonifies yang/resolves Phlegm)
Savory (Tonifies Yang)
Thyme ( Promotes Qi & Blood Circ

Comment by Deborah Grissam on September 4, 2012 at 12:04am

I will take it- a big ocean wave of blue green healing energy and love!   Yeah- can't get any better than that!    I just bought a ton of parsley and spinach so green juice it is!   Healing and cleansing = clean first and then rebuild??  I don't really know but  I seriously am craving green juices!  Unfortunately, the dandelion greens have  disappeared from the yard- probably because of the 3 months of HOT SUN- but I will continue that  hen they come back. 

Thank you everyone for all your input.  I feel much more "smart" about what I am doing!!!

Comment by HippyDaisyChick on September 3, 2012 at 11:45pm

dandelion greens are wonderful for respiratory...

Comment by Alessandra on September 3, 2012 at 11:22pm

Everyone is giving you great advice...also you might email Nomi Shannon (the Raw Gourmet) as she just had a severe bout of pneumonia this year herself.  Never feel bad for taking antibiotics when it's something serious.....I hate to take them myself, but sometimes it is the best course of action.  I 1000% agree that you need to take probiotics after (and actually along with) antibiotics.  The way to take them at the same time is to allow at least 2 hours and a bit of food in between taking either one....so they have a chance to work separately.  I have to take probiotics while taking antibiotics as I have Candida. 

I was also going to say straight green juices with lots of parsley, kale in them are good.  Add celery and cucumber to balance out the intensity of the parsley and kale...but a good strong green juice is very healing and cleansing.  Isn't cleansing a type of healing?  I find it interesting when people act like they cancel or conflict...ie fruits vs veggies...........as they both do both imho.

Sending you waves of golden blue green healing energy and love!

Comment by Deborah Grissam on September 3, 2012 at 7:43am

OH thank you Maria!!    It is really hard to decide to take meds!!!  Last time I got sick, the doctor gave me samples  of some drug ( breathing) that I had seen on tv and I thought ok I will try it.  But one pill made me feel soooooooooooooo horrible-  I hate doing the steroids but ....................... every year we get stronger, right?     God bless you to stay so well all year this year!!

Comment by Maria on September 3, 2012 at 2:19am

I have no judgement about taking steroids and antibiotics, when you're that sick, when you have pneumonia you really have to take modern drugs especially if you have fragile lungs. I was really sick in April-May, I resisted drugs for almost 4 weeks, so I ended up being sick for a really long time because when I get that kind of flu that attacks my breathing system, I just don't get well on my own. In between, I just try to strenghten the whole system, hoping I won't get sick again! That swim sounds fantastic!

Comment by Deborah Grissam on September 2, 2012 at 9:03pm

Thanks Susan and Maria and Emily.   I know I should start growing some wheatgrass Susan.  I hope to get started with my sprout growing in the next month or so.  Thanks Emily- I have taken astragalus in the past but am currently out- I will have to pick some up tomorrow-  That is a great idea to go see an acupuncturist-  and get a formula.    yes Maria- I am on antibiotics right now.- the probiotics are a great idea.  I am scheduled to get a steroid shot after I get over this.  I know that is bad but it really helps me to get through my hardest months Sept and Oct with allergies.  Since going raw, my allergies have gotten so much better.  I was hoping to skip the shot this year, but given that I already have gotten pneumonia here in the 104 degree weather- I think I better take it one more time.  It is kind of hard to know when to quit the meds.  I hardly ever go to the doctor- this time I was running fever for over 2 weeks- so my kids begged me to go to the .  doctor.   The one thing i have been doing every year is the steroid shot in the fall.  No allergy meds work for me- I have tried the natural and over the counter and even some of the prescription ( that nearly killed me!!)  The steroid shot actually works to keep my breathing  clear.  As soon as my breathing gets back on track, I am going to start working out again- I know that always helps.  I actually went to a natural spring fed pool today and swam- it was cold- but that is a good thing here in Texas- but the water is known to be therapeutic and I do feel much better!!   Yeah!!!!

Comment by Emily on September 2, 2012 at 12:20pm

Astragalus can be a good supplement for respiratory issues!  Also, things that look like lungs, like collards and some of the other dark greens are good.  You may want to also see a good acupuncturist near you who works with herbs because there are some prescribed Chinese formulas that are excellent for these types of issues.  Hope you are feel in better soon!

Comment by Maria on September 2, 2012 at 8:48am

I have a history of asthma and lung problems, I spent some time in an ICU due to lung problems, and I get a lot of problems pretty much every winter. I'm not focusing specifically on the lungs though, I'm focusing on strengthening my over all immune system. After meds like steroids and and antibiotics you might want to replenish with some probiotics, they say 80% of our immune system is located in the colon, so when you kill the bad stuff you kill the good too. Generally, I think a clean, high veg, high fruit diet helps the immune system recover. Yogic pranic exercises are good for strengthening your breathing and bring calm and helps the whole nervous system.

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