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After really dropping the fat from my diet the past couple weeks (it's been a process) I noticed a few things:

- Initially, a period of further detox. I thought I was done, but not quite. I would get these weird dizzy feelings in my brain just behind my eyes. They would last only for a second and after a about a week they went away. I also put on a few pounds. This seemed sudden and for no apparent reason so I chock it up to being water weight since now it's been purged almost overnight (and after a good sweaty workout). I also felt under the weather for about a week.

-I hadn't done any cardio in quite some time but I did the same routine I had done prior to being on 80/10/10 which was a routine of running up and down my basement stairs 20 times and then doing a strength exercise 3-4 times through. This was very hard to do a month and a half ago and I was dripping sweat last time I tried. This time, it was so much easier and my legs weren't burning, nor was I having to hold the railing for fear of getting dizzy and falling down the stairs. I was not completely wiped out afterwards either.

I'm really liking how I feel on this "natural" diet plan. Even though I don't follow it exclusively (yes, I had a bite of pizza last night and a V-day chocolate I shared with my son). There is a huge difference in my tolerance for stress and more energy late at night when normally I would get cranky and lay on the couch. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone.

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Comment by Penni on February 18, 2014 at 11:36am

Although we're not big promoters of the 80.10.10 plan here at Real Food Rehab, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling well! I think anytime we focus on eating MORE real food in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables - cutting the processed, not-recognizable-by-our-bodies foods out, we naturally improve in many areas. 

So good for you for making solid changes that resonate with you! Keep up the great work!

Comment by kris reader on February 17, 2014 at 9:57am

So what are you eating for meals Kelly?  I dabbled with 80/10/10 but now I'm getting into green smoothies much more and a raw and cooked whole foods meal for dinner.  I love fruit!

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