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One month and two days ago, I had an ischemic stroke. I suffered severe aphasia, but have been speaking well now for over a week.

I currently have a small clot in my left carotid artery.

I'm trying to use foods to heal my body. I'm 33. This shouldn't be happening to me. I have no other health problems (not diabetic, etc.). I probably have a blood clotting disorder, but the cause of my stroke has not yet been determined. I have ZERO plaque in my arteries.

I'm staying somewhere today where it's harder to eat well, but tomorrow I'm going to a place where it is easier. I also just found out that my local juice bar delivers, so that's another option for me.

My basic plans for eating:
-no leafy greens/high vitamin k foods
-2 stalks of celery/day or salt
-low glycemic fruits
-a big jug of beet juice every two days
-pumpkin seeds

Some cooked foods:
-hard boiled eggs
-fish 2x a week (I have been a vegetarian for 15 years or so, I added the fish after my stroke. I hate fish.)
-cooked oatmeal (because I can't stay full enough long enough)

I went back to work last week (first since stroke). It was harder than I thought it would be (draining). And, it feels like each new day--especially at work--I find new skills I didn't know I had lost subtle things, but important ones: like reading and using a calendar.

I'm open to any comments from anyone or suggestions for making my food options better.

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Comment by Andrea Chancey on December 20, 2015 at 11:34am
Wow ... what a journey you've had through this challenge. Keep us posted as to what is working for you. Wishing you health and happiness!
Comment by Brandy Lastname on December 17, 2015 at 5:23am
Thanks for your comment Jan!

Yes, that's why I am avoiding vitamin K foods. My father has a blood clotting disorder and he is not allowed to eat any green leafy foods. He takes Coumadin. We were told my father's disorder is not genetic but are sort of demanding to test me for if. We are both going and will get full panels done. My brother, also in his 30s had a massive heart attack this he will be going too (just not the same day). If something is found, all the grandkids will probably be checked, too (3 months and up). My dad's first blood clot was at 16 and he had 4 pulmonary emboli by age 19.

I take only baby aspirin for now, but I visit the blood doctor today for first time. I'm honestly hoping for Coumadin. Or even something low grade while they figure it out. I currently have a small clot in my left carotid artery that I'm quite worried about.

I get one big jug of beet juice (gallon, maybe?) and drink the whole thing every two days. I've been sharing, so I don't drink a whole half-gallon every day, but I drink a lot of beet juice...
Comment by jan bonjovio on December 16, 2015 at 10:11pm

Hi Brandy,

So sorry to hear of your health issues.  I noticed your intent to avoid foods that are high in vitamin k.  I know that vitamin k effects our blood clotting abilities and assume your plan is because of your blood clot.  Are you also taking a blood-thinning medication? 

Wishing you well, Brandy.


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