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First 24 hours juicing/smoothies :)

Good evening everyone!

I have decided to do juices and smoothies for 3 weeks rather than just juices. I am already small and really don't want to lose any weight. Just cleanse. My first 24 hours of this was not easy. I still had to cook for my husband and all the food looked and smelled so amazing. He was silly making fun of me, making me laugh and feel better about it, but it didn't change the fact that I wanted to steal his plate away SOOO bad. I didn't! I maintained! My body feels as if its on fire, all day, Vibrating. This does get easier right? It's as if I'm bipolar today, happy and excited about it all one moment, then grumpy about it the next. I'm usually about the same all the time: happy, content, mellow, and laughing. So this grumpiness is different for me, does this go away for good, or will I continue to have these mood switches? Good night everyone I hope tomorrow is better on me!

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Comment by Lynn B on October 10, 2011 at 12:48pm


I have done a number of juice cleanses over the years and it has been my experience that I not only detox toxin but also emotions. So much junk gets stored in our bodies that we don't realize until we cleanse. Fats will slow the detox if it's too much, so avocado  or a young coconut is good for that. Too much sugary foods can make you more hungry and a bit crazy. I never have anything sweeter than an apple in my juice and that keeps me balanced and also use sprouts for the added protien for focus. Hope all goes well.

Comment by L. on October 9, 2011 at 10:34pm

You can store avocado with lime juice or lemon juice!!  I've currently got a bella cucina (same as magic bullet) glass stored in the fridge with 3-4 avocados and lime juice pureed together!  Or you could put them in a ball jar!  I bought them because they were a dollar each at my local store here and that's the cheapest I've been able to find them in over a year!

Well, I've really been stressing about it, but so far the cheapest I've found dates in bulk is  They are not organic, but they are pitted which means, more dates you are actually going to eat per pound (you're not paying another 10 dollars in weight for inedible seeds) and, have tons of rave reviews, so I assume the quality is good, although I could be wrong.  At $2.79 per pound they are the cheapest I've found so far and a much higher upgrade from the dole dates I've been buying in packages for 3 dollars for half a pound at my local liquor store I walk to down the street!  I'm still researching though, just in case.  Their shipping is a little steep (14 dollars), but I am finding that adding the pound of spirulina only added like 40 cents to my shipping total, and everything else looks cheaper than other sites as well, so if I keep adding things, I might be saving more money in the long run.  I still am researching though and am unsure of what's the best, but all the rave reviews about their customer service and the quality of products on their site is convincing, along with the lower prices.

Haha :)  Brandi I have no idea, I'm certainly going to find out tomorrow when I begin 100 percent liquids!!  I'm scared and excited lol!

Comment by Brandi! on October 9, 2011 at 8:12pm
Ooooo Lyza that date shake sounds delicous! Where are you getting your dates and spirulina from? I would definatly like to buy it in large quantity like that its less expensive! Thank you for all your kind words. I truly do feel wild right now, pacing around feeling restless. I can tell I am an addict definatly! I am constantly trying to remain focused. Going to reach for granola...ughh! I can't have it! I'm totally craving an avacado, and I can blend that! But have no way to the store, lol, guess I can dream :) I feel a little scatter brained as well. Oh goodness..what are we gonna do with ourselves?! lol!
Comment by channa brennon on October 9, 2011 at 7:02pm
that date shake does sound good... and for me when i was juice/smoothie fasting that feeling you speak of went away in three days...dont know why the first three days were the hardest then it was manageable!
Comment by L. on October 9, 2011 at 6:47pm

Oh my god, I have totally experienced what you are experiencing--minus the husband but still.  It goes away!!!  The first day is the hardest of all and each day it gets easier and easier.  The mood swings are because you are feeling deprived and your body has food addictions and this is just normal behavior from an "addict," who is giving up their addiction (not that you are an addict at all, but we all really are in regards to cooked foods if we have been raised eating them!).

You are so strong.  That vibrating feeling--I know it.  You feel enraged and you don't really know what to do with yourself.  It's going to go away.  Just keep on pressing and reminding yourself why you are doing all this.  If you feel like you're going to crack, make a delicious, indulgent, healthy raw meal instead of reverting to a cooked one.  I was just thinking about creating a recipe called a date shake...I saw an article about them on NPR and I'm thinking about making them could do dates, frozen bananas, a bit of water to make it less icecreamy (Oooh, but I think technically you could totally make blend up raw icecreams--still liquidy right?!) and some cinnamon...sounds like a divine indulgence to me but it's still raw and it's still a liquid technically!!! :)  You are going to be okay!! :)  Just follow your body and think about what wonderful healthy foods are around you that taste good!

That said, in regards to liquids only, I am having a really hard making the transfer myself!!  I do great getting rid of all cooked food...and each day has been better (I'm not a 100 percent all in kind of girl...I'm a definite slow transitioner but once I am there I am there!).  But the date shake idea is totally motivating me to just do it.  I am ordering 15 pounds of dates today and spirulina too :)  Plus they are high calorie, Brandi!  So you won't have to worry as much about losing weight!

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