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Just simply feeling so yuck is what has finally brought me back to Raw in the hopes of creating a healthy lifestyle again.. all the amazing fresh fruit on our Bahama's trip didn't hurt the push back here either!

I wrote this in my personal journal this AM:

"My inner self has REALLY been talking to me the last two days.. waking me  up to write things down.. I woke up at 4:30am this morning and had to write.. I feel such a sense of urgency. 

Yesterday I wrote: Stop this ridiculous circle. No more stagnating in this weight loss.. I am going to do this.  I am going to move on thru this.. no more putting up my own time I get a craving.. if something raw and healthy or vegan and low fat does not sound good I’m not experiencing true hunger.  P0WER THRU IT.  Cravings for honey butter English Muffins is NOT true hunger!

It’s been way, WAY too long.. several years really.  I’ve been stagnating in the same place in my life constantly circling back here to this weight loss stage.  I refuse with every fiber of my being to continue to waste my life and my potential in this fat body I have given myself. I am seriously concerned about my health.

I keep starting over and over.. lately the last two days have started well but ended with me eating crap..

I know right NOW I am putting off the transition because I am in pain because of a bad sinus infection.. I have a constant headache and just have zero energy.  I NEED to go to the store today.  I have to.  I’ve been living off what’s in the house and that won’t work for me anymore… today I will start high raw for sure.. I will have a plan. 

I remember starting this lifestyle last time the first few 3-4 days were so hard but I made it thru.. I have to get the ball rolling and build up some good days of positive choices and momentum in the direction of getting healthy.. the first few days will be hard but I will lean on Patrick if I am having a horrid day.  I know once I am a few days in it becomes much easier.

One thing really frightening to me is my intuition tells me something is not right with me.  I no longer wake feeling refreshed and excited for the day when I wake up.. I am no longer a happy morning person and that's SO not me, my entire family makes fun of what a morning person I am.   Lately I just want to stay in bed.  My whole being is suffering and I wake every day with a deep ache in my hip and lower back.  WAKE UP THAT WAY.  Something is wrong.  I can feel it intuitively.  I refuse to just wait until it’s too late.. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOW.. I HAVE TO LOSE THE WEIGHT NOW!  Now it's my health too. 

My intuition has been talking to me for months.  I keep getting it and then just blowing it off.  I have to stop that right now. "


So today I am going to the store no matter how horrid I feel.. I just made a menu and list for a couple of days..

Getting lots of fresh fruits and veggies.. (just fruit till noon) and supplies for two raw soups.. creamy, avo, carrot curry and avo, pineapple gazpacho blender soups..  I've made the pineapple gaspacho (sweet and spicy and YUMMY) before but the carrot curry is a new one!

Also getting supplies for a couple of green smoothies..

Also getting supplies for a couple of raw juices.. my all time fav, lemon, parsley, cucumber, green apple, celery one and my fav. V8 so I can spice it up and kick this freaking sinus yuck out the damn door.

Also making my broccoli, raisin, carrot, lime, honey shredded salad - I remember this being so good and lasting 3 days in the fridge.

I'll be getting some vegan/gluten free Amy's meals also for cooked food "emergencies" (helped me transition last time very much).

And lastly a raw waldorf salad..

So far this is what I've come up with.. I am looking forward to the soups!  and now I'm going back to bed.

It feels so right to be back here with you all at Raw Food Rahab!



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Comment by Ally on April 23, 2013 at 6:38pm

try warm water with lemon juice, raw honey, & cayenne. Many friends (who are SAD eaters too) said this helped them so fast to feel better.

Comment by AChangeAMonth on April 20, 2013 at 6:50pm

whenever I feel rubbish I have an apple, orange and carrot juice/ smoothie. can add a bit of ginger in too for warmth. That gives me a bit of a kick (has even cured headaches) and is full of Vit A,B, C etc. which might help with the cold.

good luck xxx

Comment by Jo on April 18, 2013 at 10:55am

Sounds like we are in the same place... that's what i love about this site, we are all here going through the same things, we are not alone in our journey.  I wish you the most wonderful day, and to savour every last bite of all those amazing foods you just described.  Mmmmm!  I agree with Christina about the vitamins, I'm in Canada, and need my vitamin D everyday or else I'm starting eachday defeated.  Lots of love, lots of rest, and vitamin D. <3

Comment by Christina on April 18, 2013 at 6:17am

I pray your sinus infection is healed. As far as mood goes... I was actually researching this yesterday. Vitamins B complex, D, C, Zinc, amino acids are supposed to be really good for depression... and you know that the raw foods will be giving you lost of energy. <3

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