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"Burger Buns", Crackers, Kale Chips...they all make you say "Mmm Mm!" And for all you frequent snackers out there that are going raw, these aren't necessarily out of reach. Except, if you're like me and don't have a dehydrator. My heart sank about eight feet.

I need some advice, RFR gurus. How long did  you last before buying a dehydrator?

When I was doing raw before, I found it a little difficult to make a lot of the things I wanted without a dehydrator, thus resulting in routine meal options. I'm a little spontaneous and inconsistent, and a lot of times I want my food to be that way as well, do you think it's possible to last a while without one?

If not, what are your thoughts on the best one to start with?


Dehydrator-less Dani saying Namaste and good night. :)



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Comment by Emily on March 30, 2011 at 10:02am
Hey Dani!  THe suggestions for finding some less expensive dehydrators that have been given here are really good. I've heard of RFR people finding *crazy* deals on this type of stuff.  I like using the dehydrator for making very large batches of crackers, chips, etc. to keep around the house.  Almost everything takes many hours to dehydrate, so if you're craving a cracker, you'll want to have it already lying around. Otherwise, you'll be waiting for 1 day (or a little less). So, planning is key.  If you are not planning to be 100% raw, many people suggest Ezekial breads and tortillas, you can find them in the freezer section of Whole Foods or other health food stores. They are not technically raw, but are cooked at a very low temperature with high quality ingredients. Just a thought, in case you find yourself in a bind.  I dehydrate everything at 104 degrees and it all comes out really well.  Let us know if there are any developments along the way!   :)     p.s. you can also order raw crackers and stuff from the One Lucky Duck website. It just ends up being pretty expensive.
Comment by Deborah Grissam on March 29, 2011 at 8:23am

Donna P- gotta say I am kind of with Donna P on this one.  I stressed and obsessed about a dehydrator- finally got the cadillac Excalibur 9 tray and I hardly use it.

 Fresh veggies and fruits are so  much better.  While it is nice to have a little variety with some wrap tortillas, or crackers, you can usually find something to substitute.  Maybe you could find a friend to share a dehydrator with?  

Comment by Jazzy Me on March 28, 2011 at 11:57am

Hi Danielle,

When I first started eating raw, I didn't have a dehydrator, so I made the recipes for things like nori wraps, soups, salads, not fried “rice,” and things that don't require dehydrating. I would sometimes want some bread or crackers. I had been reading a lot of recipes about crackers, breads, and chips that can be made with a dehydrator.

So... My husband, who loves me dearly and wants me to be healthy and happy, gave me the ok to buy one. (He's the breadwinner, so I have to be really careful in this economy)

I bought my 9 tray Excalibur three weeks ago. I'm going to be honest with you here...

Everything I have dehydrated so far has been nasty. (*wince*)


Wait, wait, RFR, don't get angry at me for saying this. It is NOT the fault of the Excalibur, it's ME!!! I have NEVER been a good cook while cooking cooked food. I have hated cooking with a passion for as long as I can remember, and now that I'm eating more raw, I am finally enjoying my experiences with un-cooking.

So, let me explain what I've tried dehydrating. I have tried veggie burgers, flax crackers, dehydrating my leftover blended soup, and an "artisan bread." Well, they came out dehydrated, but everything I made (to me,) was nasty. I couldn't eat them, and believe me, I tried. I am NOT one to waste money. I just couldn't make them go down... I didn't like the taste or texture. I followed all of the recipes the best I could, except I substituted dried herbs for fresh. What I did discover is that I do NOT like flax and chia seeds. Flax and chia seeds (to ME) are slimy. The leftover soup didn't really get dry and crispy... it was sorta limp. I let it dry for twenty six hours, that's the limit on my machine. When I tasted it, it kinda tasted like uh,,, I would rather not say... it was nasty. It's still in the kitchen. I'm trying to figure what else I can do with limp nasty dry soup...

So I would suggest to you, that if you can get the $$ together, buy the Excalibur and experiment for yourself. You will probably definitely be a better "un cooking dehydrator-er than me, but there are a LOT of raw recipes that do not require a dehydrator. Also, you will be able to dry your pre soaked nuts, summer fruits, veggies and save a LOT of money like that. Check out the Excalibur's manufacture blemished models on ebay, that's where I got mine.

Let us all know what you decide to do, ok?

Comment by Sheryl Valentine on March 28, 2011 at 11:23am

Shari: We all have a path ..... gotcha.  Full of learning and growing.  :-)


sv: ya ;), I should add, that I am planning on eating 100% raw food, just don't know if I'll get there or not ;)

Comment by Shari on March 28, 2011 at 11:18am
We all have a path ..... gotcha.  Full of learning and growing.  :-)
Comment by Sheryl Valentine on March 28, 2011 at 11:15am

Shari: If you can be a straight up purist, have the time, money, and resources and have developed the appropriate determination, by all means go for it ....   You're in good company.  But Angela did not get there, by her own admission, overnight ....    :-)


sv: Hi Shari, please don't get me wrong, I am definitely not a purist, and probably won't ever be.  I'm not planning on eating 100% raw food.  I love baked potatoes and garbanzo beans...and well I love many other things that aren't raw, that I am looking to give up. ;)  Mostly wheat/flour/sugar.  I can't say that I'll never eat meat/chicken/cheese again either.


I'm only saying that from the beginning, the dehydrator just didn't make sense to me.  Speaking only for myself, having raw chips and that sort of thing is a lot like having potato chips around, can't eat just one.  Just like I also stay away from the raw desserts.  My husband's been buying the 'raw treats' from whole foods, and I tell him that they are the junk food of the raw food world. lol...  And for me they are, but I recognize this is not true for everyone.

Comment by Shari on March 28, 2011 at 10:42am
What's your recipe for the corn tortillas .... :-)   General recipe, get me in the right direction.   TYIA .....
Comment by Fran Meadow on March 28, 2011 at 10:34am

I waiting about 1 year before I got my dehydrator. I wanted to be sure I would be as raw as possible before I invested in a dehydrator. I saved my "mad money". I continued to eat raw, do alot of reading, join this forum, did alot more reading (especially about nutrition, vitamins, minerals, food combining, green smoothies, detoxing, juicing etc).

I felt good, lost weight, better outlook etc. So many good side effects from raw.

Then hubby surprised me. ....and told me to wait no longer and order "that" machine.

His favorite item from the dehydrator is the dried  pineapple. We both benefit.

In my opinion you don't ever need a dehydrator. But I am a big fan of I knew down the

road that I would need to make raw bread and crackers and of lately....I made corn tortillas....TO DIE FOR.  I must say, the short time I've had the dehydrator I've made enough items to pay for my

dehydrator.  Plus alot of items can be stored and frozen....for a quick meal or snack.

Sorry if I rambled on.

Comment by Shari on March 28, 2011 at 9:21am

Sheryl, Many raw foodists don't do much dehyrdrating.  I'm thinking of Angela Stokes, who has written she finds dehydrating"redundant," though I am not sure that is the word she meant.  However, she lives with  and works with and is married to raw food folks, and her lifestyle is certainly "raw" to the bone.  It is her bread and butter, as well.

I think dehyrating your own flax, veggies, nuts, etc., especially if you've soaked and sprouted what needs to be, is still superior to buying processed, even if organic.  While "dehydrating a food at a low temp" may be a kind of processing, I think that these foods have a place for most of us, and create a crucial bridge in the transition from processed to raw, especially as we develop skills, knowledge, networks, etc.

If I were living off ONLY such creations as "raw," probably not the best thing in the big pictures.  However, for myself, I've made tremendous steps and feel much better when such things are part of my diet.

For my path, options create optimal success.  And making your own kale chips, flax seed-vegetable crackers, etc., is much, much less expensive than buying them in the long run. 

If you can be a straight up purist, have the time, money, and resources and have developed the appropriate determination, by all means go for it ....   You're in good company.  But Angela did not get there, by her own admission, overnight ....    :-) 

Comment by Hot Ta-Molly on March 28, 2011 at 9:09am
I bought my exalibur on ebay.  I love it.

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