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So I am sore from the gym but this will be my third workout and I am determined to be consistent. The first two weeks of an workout are always the toughest because you will in fact be sore because the routine is different.

Once you get past that, your body recuperates and begins building muscle and you get past the soreness. 

Just have to tough it out and keep focused. My goal is to continue this workout for 90 days and check results. It is a different approach than I have taken before because I am utilizing medium weights and doing higher reps.

I am working on building upper body but not so much on lower body. I have plenty of bulk in my legs from biking and just my natural body build. 

I am wanting to balance my frame, and to do that I need to bulk up a bit on the top. I have a two inch difference from the top compared to the bottom. 

Not concerned with being a size zero, only concerned with balance and lean muscle. I am an athlete, not a barbie doll. I don't care to be a barbie, or the model type. It is not who I am. 

I am okay with my body, don't feel I need to be skinny as a rail and my height is 5'2" and that is not going to change, therefore, I will never have the model body..they are much taller. But I can be my best self and that is my goal. 

God gave me this body and I want to make the best of it. 

Have a great day! 

Heading to the gym now.

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Comment by Wendi Grant on November 20, 2013 at 5:16pm

You go girl!!!  I'm only 5'1/2"  

I like that you just want to be the best you possible!!

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