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This night I couldn't sleep very well. I was turning around all the time, and felt so warm in the morning (I think it's just because of the very warm pyjamas and the blankets). I felt better after lying for a while without being covered with blanket. I was a bit worried because of the kind of strange heartbeat, as my heart didn't feel quite comfortable with all that heat.

In the morning the first thing I had was warm water with a little bit of lemon-ginger juice. I later had orange-lemon-ginger juice. Drank the same (the juice and warm water with lemon&ginger) during the day, plus 2 cups of herbal infusions, and some water.

In the evening I had carrot-apple juice.

Today I was all day at the office in front of the computer, and I felt very tired. Hope tomorrow to have more energy. :)

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Comment by Hannah Andrews on January 6, 2014 at 7:07pm

Really interested in hearing this journey! Thank you for sharing x

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