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day 25 of 77- beauty (it's funny that the daily video-discussion was about the very thing i was thinking about this morning)

i am feeling so alive and creative- i have recently recieved my guitar, it actually was a good freind of mine's he learned on it 25-ish years ago, and has since gotten a new guitar, so i've been blessed with recieving it, now i haven't played in over 15 years and then i only had learned a little, so i aim to start teaching myself, a little, again. i may get lessons at some point, and i'm sure any of my guitar playing freinds(i have quite a few) would help out a bit.

this morning. after getting the mail out of the mailbox i realised some more of my flowers were grabbed the digital camera and started snapping pictures- taking pictures of my garden, then the kids were playing and the garbage truck came, so they ran up on the rocks in front of the house to watch it go by, and i took pictures of them and of the rocks and the cool little wildflowers...i started getting really artsy, zooming way in, changing to unusual angles, then we brought the trash barrel to the back of the house and i started noticing how the light was shining on certain leaves and taking pictures of the trees from various angles, and of the kids and the rocks and weeds and fences...thinking "i wonder how many people, if any think about the way the light shines through the leaves? or the spaces between the leaves? or the contrast in textures? i wonder how many people pass by such beauty everyday and miss it?" i haven't really thought/felt like this in a long it a product of eating raw? maybe...i certainly know i'm fealing more healthy and fit and more like myself, than i have in quite some time and i'm sure at least some of it is beacause of the raw food lifestyle. (i'll load up the pics and post some of them in the a.m.)

peace, love and beauty to all!

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Comment by KickinItRaw TheHealthyWay on May 4, 2010 at 11:32pm
I missed the beauty of my surroundings for SO many years. I was so self-centered most of my life that I never noticed the flowers and the trees. I'll never forget the first time I noticed flowers blooming in the spring time. I was in my mid-twenties. I had just finished working through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous. I was walking down the same street I had many times before in my life. I saw a perfect flower lying on the ground--undamaged. I picked up the flower and put it in my hair. At that moment, I felt something profoundly different in me. When I shared at the meeting, which is where I was headed to, I started crying (actually uncontrollably sobbing). In my whole life I had never felt worthy of putting a flower in my hair. I had never even noticed the flowers. But that day, I felt worthy. I saw beauty. And so started a new chapter in my life. You know, the best book I've ever read in my life is the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and it has an inspirational story that talks about seeing life through rose colored glasses. That story touched me and aided in my recovery for many years. Do you ever have those Aha, awakening-type moments? Sounds like you had one today. :)
Comment by Ginny Edwards on May 4, 2010 at 7:33pm
Hi Simone! This is such a beautiful post and is exactly what I was talking about in one of my blog posts - your unique creativity. I just love hearing these stories. I really encourage you in this and remember how you're feeling now when you encounter the rough spots (or PMS! lol!) on your health journey. And yes! It is because you're being good to your body, feeding it the foods it was designed to eat, and it's rewarding you. There is more to it, but you can bet that when you get all those processed foods and chemicals out of your body, it awakens you in body, soul and spirit. So enjoy, celebrate your success, and can't wait to see your pictures.

God Bless,

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