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Day 2 ~ I am a bit low on energy today but thankfully no head ache or flu like symptoms. Today I found myself cruising through the food room on this site. Thinking about what wonderful raw food I will be making when I am done. Until I am done with the fast I am going to limit myself to the liquid lounge. Looking at food is too tempting.

I have a question ~ Has the raw food movement come to a halt? I remember a couple of years ago all the boards were filled with raw fooders. It seems like a lot of the raw guru's are now eating cooked food.

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Comment by Islegirl on August 24, 2014 at 10:53am

Check out "More With Dara" (with Dara Dubinet).  Penni herself encouraged us to check it out.  It's fairly active.  It's not free.

I have just started to read another book "The 10 Beauty Detox Foods" by Kimberly Snyder and she wrote something really interesting about fruit and fat.  Here's what was a key thought for me:  on page 50 she wrote:  "During the first few years of improving my diet I didn't eat too much fruit.  Now that my diet is properly balanced and low in fat, I eat a great deal of whole fruit (particularly pineapple and papaya), and thrive.  My body looks more toned from increased cleansing, and my energy soars.  I stay slim and my skin glows."  I posted in my blog today a letter someone wrote about the interference of sugars and fats.  For me, the pieces of the raw food puzzle seem to be fitting together and I can see the beginning of a beautiful picture of health and radiance emerging and that's what I am after.  I did it once before and now I feel I have been given the right direction to find my way back.

Note to LnewmanS - you'll find your groove too.  Keep looking for inspiration and keep trying.

Comment by Islegirl on August 24, 2014 at 10:37am

Perhaps things will pick up here in the fall though I am often guilty of not posting much.  I let life get in the way.  I think we all miss Penni.  She is on Facebook but I don't use it.

Comment by LnewmanS on August 23, 2014 at 1:43pm

I'm do wonder about my own sustainability on 100% raw... started around July 4th and doing pretty well, struggling some letting go of cheeses. Inspired by 2 books, 'Quantum Eating' and Raw Food and Hot Yoga by Tonya Zavast of

I'm not all that motivated to fuss over recipes, but then get spent on simple raw fruits and vegetables. But feel so great, look better and have lost unwanted weight... I love perusing recipes... and have tried some. I think in time, I will find my groove. I really hope it's fully raw, we'll see.

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