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Good Morning Everyone!!

I am daring to be BOLD. After a month long sabbatical, I am emerging as someone new. I am new because my focus has changed. And, now that my focus has changed, I have begun anew, and following a new path, making a new journey for myself.

I am not going to let the world define what is normal. And, I am not going to let my friends define what is normal. Someone please tell me how one defines normal when we are all unique individuals?? If there is a definition, or a defining by someone other than yourself, where does one find the truth for ones self? I KNOW, I am sounding some what philosophical, but I am just seeking truth and how to leave my mark on this world. Do I want to make a mark as a group? that would me nice, joined by friends. However, daring TO BE BOLD by leaving my mark on this world that is uniquely myself, how amazing is that?

So, with respect to foods, life styles, and our own health I am going to DARE to be BOLD, by being myself, listening to my own body and helping teach my family and others about how they can improve their health by the food they intake. I am making a bold stand for Balance of Raw and cooked, cultured foods, and grains. Sometimes I will be 100% raw, juice feasting, cleansing singing a happy tune. However, there is a healthy balance for me that includes some cooked foods. Because I am the person who mostly takes care of meals at my home, I have to meet the needs of my family. I am teaching them how to eat and live differently, to be successful in all they endeavor. That is a BIG task. Then, I am further teaching others how to get things like dairy, and gluten out of their diet, dispensing with white refined sugar, teaching them NEW ways to be BOLD. I pray that they take the knowledge and teach others. I pray that the knowledge I have passed on to my kids is knowledge that they will pass on to their children. And, a new circle of life can emerge, BOLDLY for a new world. Everything starts with that first step in winning any race that lies before us. Someone has to be BOLD.

There is a saying that,"Slow and steady wins the race". This is true. But I ask you to look differently at "the RACE". When we think of a race, you envision a massive group of people running to the finish line where there is only one winner. NOW, I want you to look again at "the race", still envisioning the massive group of people racing toward the finish line. Is there only one winner? I don't think so. For each person has their challenge, their own race, their own beast of burden to carry. EVERY person that crosses the finish line is a winner.Now, Look again at the race. How much courage does it take to begin the race, to prepare for the race despite all the challenges that may come their own way. Man, sometimes it takes everything you have just to show up in the first place, just to run. Some people may never cross the finish line. And, this is okay after giving their best effort. Their are those that are in the race that may need a hand to cross the finish line. Someone, may have to risk not crossing that finish line as quickly as they like in order to give someone a hand so that they too can cross the finish line. They are WINNERS, I am telling ya!

The question I have for you is How are you Daring To Be Bold today? Are you winning a race, preparing for one, or slowing your pace to help someone else succeed in their race? We can all be winners.

For me, I am beginning a new life with my husband and my kids, and new career. Sometimes my family and friends can support me, or help me endure the race. There are other times where I will have to run the race on my own. But I am Daring To Be Bold, Because I am never giving up! Never throwing the towel in for any reason. I am here to make a difference and see my life and the lives of others change for the positive and be there for those who fall. It is not about how quickly I win the race, just that I run. RUN THE RACE!

Define your style, make your path, run the race, DARE TO BE BOLD!

I hope that I am inspiring to some.

I want to improve my world and help you to improve yours

Many Blessings and Peace Be YOURS,

Love and Hugs


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Comment by HippyDaisyChick on March 3, 2014 at 9:16am

Thank you Vasa Tate and Mae! It is hard to stand strong and bold....but it comes easier with time and gonna let the winds of the life blow me down! Standing tall...being bold!

Comment by Mae Jardine on March 2, 2014 at 6:58pm

Enjoy your new journey, Janie.

Love & Hugs,

Comment by Vasa Tate on February 25, 2014 at 8:54am

Congratulations on the BOLD moves and thinking!  You're definitely in the right community.  I think boldness is the order of the day here at our new home, Real Food Rehab.  Thanks for sharing your story.  Onward!

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