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Hi everyone,


Hope everyone has had an awesome Summer in the US. :)

So the reason for my post today - my family and i are coming to the US for a couple weeks in 3 weeks! I am just trying to sort out my raw strategy while there. In Australia there is very little raw pre-packaged stuff, basically you don't make it, you don't eat it. So i am pretty damn excited about the options in the US :)


We are gonna be staying in Orange County/ Seal beach area in CA.


Can anyone in that area give me some raw go to places??? Where should i shop? Where can i grab some things like crackers or Kale chips? What do people recommend i try out?

OOOH and where is a raw food restaurant in the area? -this will be my first despite being raw for nearly 2 years! so i'd love to try one out.


My MIL tells me there is a whole foods just a couple blocks from them - is that gonna be a go to place for me? 


Oh and i reckon the easiest solution for me is to buy a cheap little smoothie blender while there given all the power supply differences - anyone want to recommend a cheap one? Its only really gotta last 3weeks and budget is the priority :) 


Any other US raw specific tips? Please share! 


Much love



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Comment by jill anderson on October 10, 2011 at 11:18pm
Enjoy ur time.Im from the Boston,mass area,if I was in the Cali,area I would of loved to meet and show u some local places.Well ave a safe trip:)
Comment by Stacie Higginbotham on October 10, 2011 at 11:09pm
Whole Foods is great, but what is better are the farmers markets in that area! Orange County has a lot of them. Google "farmers market seal beach" There is also a place called "Sprouts Farmers Market" there. It's a grocery store You can check them out online along with their sales ads. I'm not from there so I don't know any raw restaurants, but I have friends in that area. I can ask for you. If you go to a local WalMart they will have very inexpensive blenders for you to get. When I'm with family they have an "Oster" blender from there that I use. I think it had cost them $20. Have fun!!
Comment by Bette Bliss Shaw on October 10, 2011 at 5:56pm

How exciting! First raw restauraunt? YAY! What an experience it will be!

Whole foods not my fave place. I like lil mom n pop health food stores as wel as raw eateries.

Yay good for you...I am sooo happy for you...rawk it girlie!

Comment by Lisa on October 10, 2011 at 5:37pm

Hi everyone thanks for the advice. Looks like whole foods will be the go!

@D.J yeah i have heard some say the pre-packaged stuff is like junk food but it will be so fun for a week or so to try eating Kale chips or crackers that i didn't make myself! Also i obviously won't have my kitchen with me. I tend to eat a pretty simple high raw diet these days. The raw is typically just fruit and veg but when you're on holiday you always want to feel abit more extravagant don't you? - i do LOL. This way i can stay high raw without my kitchen around :)

@Laurie, thanks for all the help - they have raw nut cheeses!!?? Wow! We have a couple companies that do basic raw food bars and i got excited when i saw them LOL.  My MIL may have a blender, i was concerned i might wreck it hehehe. I juice every morning in my blender and i have gone through several over the last couple years.  I hope she has a food processor cause my kids LOVE to eat raw banana icecream on a daily basis!

@Ten, i'm in the Blue Mountains (NSW), thou i love Brisbane, only been there once and i got sick and broke my foot that week LOL, and despite that i still loved Brisbane! My hubby isn't keen on humidity otherwise we probably would have moved up there.  I too am wondering what amazing wonders i can bring back in my suitcase :) I'm wondering what customs will be ok with? So many things in the US we don't have access too here huh! I suppose it helps us not eat the "junkfood" DJ mentioned and get to a simple raw food diet faster (i got over the daily prep after a year and just kept in simple after that :)).

thanks everyone. If anyone has a raw restaurant suggestion i'd LOVE to put that on our itinerary for the experience.

Comment by Laurie Sterling on October 10, 2011 at 4:36pm
Whole Foods has a raw food section.  If you don't see it, ask someone who works there.  The one in Tulsa sells nut cheeses, kale chips, etc.  BUT, the fruit and veggie selection there is wonderful.  Have a great vacation.  Oh yea, I would just get a magic bullet or something like that.  Does your MIL have a blender?  That would work for just three weeks.
Comment by D.J. on October 10, 2011 at 3:10pm
Some people consider the pre-packaged food as junk food!  I guess it wouldn't be good if you ate it every day of your life.  Have fun experimenting!
Comment by Ten on October 10, 2011 at 12:43am

Where in Australia are you from? I am from Brisbane. 

While you are there you will have to try some of Brads raw chips. Im pretty sure you can get them at wholefoods. I so want him to bring his chips to Australia they look so good. I want to try them. By all the forums and websites i follow it looks like America is flooded with raw food packaged products compared to just a few companies here. 

I was in the USA for 5 weeks in January this year, but I was not raw then or else I would have filled a whole suitcase with stock. Im so jealous. Wish I could come also. Im sure you will get a lot of reply's from Americans that can give you some great tips. Even if you just visited wholefoods and juice bars you should be ok. Fresh fruit also if you can't blend a smoothie.Have fun.

Comment by Maureen Griffin on October 9, 2011 at 5:28pm
What an adventure!

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