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So..had a head cold...ended up making a firey hot stew of chillies, garlic, curry powder, mung bean sprouts, onion and carrots....i think I killed most of the bugs LOL..they had no chance after that :)

The place is freezing ....probably why i got the cold...but i now have a full time position for at least over the Xmas and new year period, and i am moving in 3 and half weeks (phew...counting the days ).

Cant seem to sleep much at the moment and have been started after i took a couple of baths using the old copper water heater...and now I think I know why i am i am noticing copper residue around the taps (fawcets for you colonials)...i have probably been ingesting far to much copper via the ancient water pipes, so I will buy bottled from tomorrow and see if my theory is right..also get more coriander and ginger...lets hope my intuition is right....and i can detox the copper out...pumpkin seeeds are supposed to help with this i have read.

Will also give eating organic banana skins a try..great for detox and have more nutrients than the actual banana..although will only start with a small piece...

Oh..anyone know how Gypsey Mama is....?? would love to find out how she is doing :)

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