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hi friends,

decided to check in to the 'Hab today. Not because I am in need of re-Hab-ilitation, but because I have realized what a happy 'Hab-it the raw lifestyle has become for me. Green smoothie and soaked oat groat oatmeal are the start of my day, then I did some choppin' to make a colorful salad to enjoy at mid-day. Also created some lovely sauces to go on my dehydrated crackers, and maybe zucchini noodles for dinner.

This is my way of life now - not a phase or a fad or a 'diet' for heavens sakes. And this 'Hab-it includes lots of lovely, fun exercise that my internal body-engine seeks out for the sheer joy of it! Dancing, hooping, walking are part of my basic way of being.

I had a dream recently in which I was on a very elegant cruise ship with lots of food on the banquet table. But it was not my food. It was beige, and cooked, and of animal origin. Here and there I saw glimpses of color and vibrancy and thought to my dream-self - I'll just make a plate of what I enjoy and it will be raw and I'll be fine. But for some weird reason there were no plates. And the crew told me that I'd have to walk to the other end of the ship to get one (weird - but it's a dream) so i did that and by the time I came back the food had been put away. The only items left were dreary and lifeless - pastries and other junk. Seeing my disappointment, people around me were saying - hey it's ok you can have this, or this, or this to eat.

and the way I felt in that moment, they might as well have been telling me to eat rocks.

I see what a profound shift in consciousness I have had. The dream is showing me this. Many of the things that I used to consider to be 'food' are not nourishing in any way. And I am deeply, lovingly and joyously grateful to be in the 'Hab-it

of eating like a Rabbit!

I know that we are all on our own path with respect to food, and raw and health and all - and I greatly appreciate having this wonderful place to check in and be with my Peeps in the 'Hab.

I am so proud to be one of the tribe in the Best Raw Food community! Best of Raw, best of life, best wishes to you all!




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Comment by Ruchira on February 22, 2012 at 3:30pm

Great post......... I would love to be a rabbit and live my life because i know and have passed, the other side of the road.


Comment by Alessandra on February 22, 2012 at 3:07pm

Isn't it great.  So happy for you that you have made the shift.....I love your dream.....

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