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...Because it is all about making choices up in here.  (But seriously, do NOT call me Sophie.  I have enough freakin' names between my old pseudonym and my pretend-but-significant last name and ACK! Identity crisis!  Let's not add to the maddness mkay?)

But choices, they are being  chosen, muchly, you know?

For instance, do I start packing now (and leave my son who is still living in the house possibly lacking stuff he needs)?  I think yes on this one.  It is only for a few weeks, he will be fine.  And the packing, it does not do its self.  *Sigh* Part of me thinks, "You have all month." but another part of me slaps her and says, "Are you mad?!  You're already behind!  This stuff takes so long and you should have started long ago, etc." 


Do I REALLY want to go through with an estate sale?  It would be so much easier to just donate it all.  Nice burly men would come with a big truck and just cart it all off.  Done.  But I really want to give some $ to the Oklahoma relief effort so this is not really a choice.  But it keeps going through my head anyway! 


Do I make my son go ahead and move to my mom's house with me, just for the few more weeks he is home?  It would certainly make things less complicated for me.

Do I make SAD food for Joe's upcoming grad party and if I do, can I trust myself to stay out of it?

What do I want to limit with my eating?  Can I have raw oats?  In the past, I've found them helpful.  Do I want to limit my nuts and avos or just do what a girl needs to do to get her through the day RAW, you know?  I am doing Hallelujah Diet style, 85% raw, 15% cooked vegan.  To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question!

And what stays and what goes?  That is the crux of it all.  Furniture, food, ideas, relationships...this one stays, that one goes.  Ebb and flow.  High tide, low tide.  Wax on, wax off...ok I think we get the point! 

But all this spinning in a circle, not deciding, is keeping me from doing what I need to be doing--just getting in there and getting it done.  So I am diving in.  Set a date for the sale. Set a date for the move.  Left a whole week for the cleaning.  Decided to hire help with the cleaning instead of trying to do it all myself.  Set a date for the breakdown.  Kidding!  I'm a kidder. 

But seriously.  Choosy moms choose sanity.

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Comment by Heather L.O.V.E. on June 7, 2013 at 10:31am

Thank you so much ladies!  Sally Berk, you are so right, I am not a person who MAKES people do things.  Especially my son, who has been nothing but awesome through all this and has been very responsible for all his decisions.  Truth be told, in some ways it is easier having him over there; he can go through the things that are more important to him than they are to me, like our DVD collection.  And I have decided that I will serve SAD food AND live food at the party.  That way I'm not deprived/tempted and my guests have a good choice too.  The theme is "college" food and this is a safe zone so I won't say more than that, but I will make a big salad to go with the other stuff, and a tray of collard wraps and a bowl of kale chips and we will have the Vitamix there for fresh fruit smoothies.  Joe loves kale chips and smoothies as much as I do. :)

Janet Carol Ryan- You wise women are such a big help to me, I always wonder, why did I stop checking in at the 'Hab? Oh yeah, because it is so helpful and I was so stuck in a destructive pattern I was too sick to accept help.  Those days are over.  The Hab keeps me from circling the drain.  This is going to be an exciting, challenging month (I almost said hard but stopped myself) but I can do it!  I know I can.  I am going to stay high raw and just do this one day at a time.


Comment by Sally Berk on June 7, 2013 at 7:33am

Hi Sophie!, (just kidding)

I read your blog and thought, what a beautiful and exciting life you have  filled with love, family and friends.

I have read both you blogs and you already know the answers....the right things to do.

Sometimes what is right is not easy and what is easy turns out to be very hard in the end:  )

Do I make my son go ahead and move to my mom's house with me? L.O.V.E isn't about making someone do something. Love gives the other person a choice without guilt. Heather,  you are love.

Do I make SAD food for Joe's upcoming grad party and if I do, can I trust myself to stay out of it?

What would Joe like ?

You are strong. Very strong.

What do I want to limit with my eating? Hard to answer, you are going thru a growth cycle right now depends on how you work best. Some people limit their food choices and feel empowered others need need to to expand them.  Really depends.

And what stays and what goes? Calm down, relax, breath and the spinning will slow down...Then carefully go thru your stuff. Go thru it, grieve, then choose what goes to storage, what goes to donations and then sell what no longer serves you. You can do this.. I promise. It is gonna be ok. ; )

So true ,not deciding, is keeping me from doing what I need to be doing--just getting in there and getting it done. Action and doing is less scary than thinking about it, Doing gives you the power.

Embrace the journey!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on June 5, 2013 at 10:47pm

I can't imagine the spin that you're in choosing between son and Mom. In truth, it's all connected - by L.O.V.E.! 

Looks to me like you are making some very good choices -  connecting with the tribe here in the 'Hab  -  swirling around until you begin to get clear on a direction - keeping it mostly raw and all healthy - setting a date  - asking for help.

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