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I love fresh teas, mint, ginger, lemon, lemon balm, peppermint. They are fresh, warming and I have always used them as a bee to add in other ingredients....liquorice when I am phlegmy, valerian when I need to sleep. All little things I remember my mother telling me about.

This weekend I have been in my kitchen, stripping leaves, chopping ginger, slicing lemon, and drying so many wonderful ingredients and setting out my own organic self grown tea cupboard. I will continue next weekend and build a good store to see me through Winter.

At the same time I have been watching Heather, catching up on her epic journey, she has been inspirational so I have decided to get back into better food care for myself also (thank you Heather) and her saying is ringing in my head....Small changes every day...The Butterfly Effect :)

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