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I made my weekend trip to some local and regional markets and found these bargains.



Apples (67 cents per pound), Grapes ($1.20 per pound a bit pricey but I needed some grapes :-D) , Kale (89 cents a bundle), Broccoli (2 bundles for $1.00), Parsley (4 for $1.00), Lettuce -green leaf- (2 bundles for $1.25), Butternut squash (3 for 99 cents), Tomatoes (89 cents per pound), Avocados (4 for $1.00), Celery (1 bag $1.27), Sweet potatoes (3 lb bag 99 cents), Beets (69 cents per pound).... This is just a small portion of what I purchased, my refrigerator, counters and a couple of rack/shelves in my kitchen are full of more goodies.



Keep looking out for any bargins or discounts at your local or regional markets and farmers markets.

Here are a few websites that are helpful when I am in my area or traveling:

Local Harvest:

National Farmers Market Directory:

Local Food Directories: National Farmers Market Directory:…/farmersmarkets

To you in health and wellness...

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