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This is my 3rd or 4th juice feast in the last 5 years. I also was raw for about a year after my last feast. Hindsight is 20/20 and I have learned that you don't need to go off the rails completely when you do make a slight detour in your eating habits. 

Now insert the age old story of getting married, being in love and then adopting quick and easy eating habits. Emotions will get you every time; be it hate or love. It can mess up any plan in life eating or otherwise. Also add in the fact that my wife can eat anything and not gain a pound. Me on the other hand not so much. 

I started this feast because I was really not feeling all that well. I had gained about 35 lbs or more since getting married in 2013. And it's an uncomfortable 35 lbs. ;) Aside from the weight loss I really need a nutrient infusion. 

So far no real surprises. I had the initial 3 day adjustment period, but since I've been there before I knew what to expect. I can say its MUCH easier when your significant other supports what you're doing. My wife has made me juice every day so far. This alone is a big help on the initial days of the feast. 

So the plan is to go 55 days (50 more days from today). Why 55? Because I have a road trip that I need to go in 55 days and I really don't want to make juice on the road. And since that road trip is to my brothers wedding I'm making that date a kind of a goal. 

I've went as long as 38 days before so we'll see where the journey takes me.


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Comment by Tina Hodgson on September 12, 2016 at 7:18pm

Hi Roman, I was about to wish you all the best on this journey then noticed the now I'll just check in with how your journey with your juice fast/feast went.  

I did my first juice fast at the end of June this year.  Three days turned into 5 because I felt wonderful, then a 10 day fast at the end of July.  Feeling so unexpectedly wonderful juicing turned me on to a raw vegan diet, which is what I'm aspiring to now.  So I went from take out every day for almost 2 years to raw in the last 2 months.  But you are so so right, it's those emotions that will get you.  Everyday just trying to keep in mind that, yes eating habits are important...but more so remaining present, and not choosing food as a stress-boredom reliever/comfort.

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