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Hi raw fooders! It's been a while since I've been here, and I feel like I really need some moral support.

I have been struggling with my diet now for a while, as I have been battling with a Candida overgrowth for the past two years. I've noticed that eating a diet high in fruit, and a bug salad at night has been working the best for me, and my Candida has been clearing up. But this past week, I find myself eating cooked meals, or having popcorn, and convincing myself that it's okay, or at times I just don't care. I have no idea what's bringing this on, or why I'm doing this since it's been a great success so far. And earlier I just had an outbreak, and I feel overwhelmed and I guess defeated and hurt. I feel like I keep going in a circle!

I want nothing to be healthy and I've seen first hand that eating a high fruit diet, and a big salad at night makes feel at my best both physically and emotionally, and spiritually.

Has anyone else hit a similar block as this? I really hope that you can provide me with some helpful advice, and encouragement. I'm hoping that I can overcome this block, and with your help I hope I will.

Thank you everyone, and eat well and live radiantly!


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Comment by Anastazia on August 17, 2013 at 3:12am

{Um, that would be my BRAIN, don't know anyone named Brian!

That's what I get for pickin' on your typo, huh? Haha!}

Comment by Anastazia on August 17, 2013 at 3:10am

I've never tried a bug salad...what kinda bugs do you use? *grin*
Doesn't fruit tend to feed candida, or it just processed sugars?
Right now it's after 1 am & my brian is already in bed snoozing,
so the only helpful advice I have for you right now is what always helps me get & STAY on track...
....keep learning, learn something NEW every day about your health concerns, the raw diet,
tips to make it work, whatever..... & keep sharing what is {& isn't!} working for you!
Oh, yea...& make the next bite raw! (Over & over!)

We can't change our past foolishness...
...we can only begin again & trust that the damage we've done can & WILL be undone!
It doesn't even take that long, actually, just keep pluggin' away at it,
& pay close attention to the messages your body gives you..
...oh, yea, &  MOVE as much as possible!

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