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About my RAW Journey (my Journey to Health) to date . . .

Well I am thankful to have found this website. I already have gotten a lot of inspiration from this website. My journey with RAW has not been easy. I have felt isolated and at times have thought WOE is me. I have thought about the foods I am leaving behind.

I am doing RAW to reverse arthritis. On my path to RAW I was bouncing around from RAW to JUNK food and picked up about 35 extra pounds. Not fun. I actually have been attending 12 step meetings (for food) for nearly 20 years and was on a plan that kept me at a healthy weight. The arthritis has shown up in my left small finger - actually distorting my finger. My doc said that I will get it in all my fingers. I say NO I am not going there!!

So started my search for ways to reverse this process/disease. Anyway from what I have read RAW was the way to go. So I have been reading all I can and trying different recipes. Got tons of books from the library.

I then found a naturopath who was to have helped me with the arthritis using RAW. She put me on a rather heavy duty detox :( and then told me to eat RAW (that was a pretty big order) and then she charged a hefty fee. Also the naturopath said to eat NO Cocao, NO coffee, NO meat, NO dairy, NO tofu, etc . . .

Anyway I then was back on the internet looking for HELP. That is when I ran into the website . . . "The Rawtarian.com" She is totally sweet and she had a 30 day challenge. So I took the challenge and succeeded and did this after the 10 day detox (prescribed by the Naturopath).

Then I continued to do RAW perhaps another 1/2 month to a month more or so. Then I weighed myself and found that I had gained 5 pounds (prior to this I had lost about 10 lbs with the detox). Anyway I was very upset to be restricting myself with all the above NO's and I got mad and went out and ate almost all the NO's for a about 4 days.

Then I got to thinking where was that going to get me. I actually was praying about it in the middle of the night (as in HELP!!) and then the next day a resource showed up via my work where weight coaches were made available to anyone over a certain BMI - which is me right now. So I called them and got very excited talking to this one woman, she gave me HOPE. I do not want to be doing RAW and excluding all the NO's and gaining weight!! Anyway I called back the next day wanting to get a specific plan so I could eat RAW and NOT gain wt. Well that call did not go well, the woman said you can not eat raw and have a healthy food plan, you would be eating too many fats, not enough protein. I was pretty discouraged after that call. I then called someone in former 12 step program, but RAW does not fit in the plan. I was beginning to feel like a beat up - ping pong ball.

Then searching once again on the WEB I found "Spark People" which allows me to put in my RAW food plan to actually see how much I am eating. Anyway today I am in HOPE. I feel like I ate lots of good food, feel satisfied, etc.

Since being back on RAW this time I am feeling like my body is again Detoxing. Before when I started the 30 day challenge, I did not feel like I was detoxing, probably because I was detoxed out (with that 10 day DETOX). One thing that has been going on with me eating RAW is sometimes it feels like I am having hot flashes in the night, but it is different from what I remember when I had hot flashes. So I am thinking that it actually is my skin detoxing, like a mild sweating at night. Now if only someone would come change the bed linen on a more regular basis :)

Just want to mention a friend/acquaintance gave me a RAW book (by Jennifer Cornbleet). He said he will never do raw. Well I love it, it is a great book!! Anyway . . . enuff said!!

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Comment by Raw Jenni - raw food coach on October 22, 2012 at 10:52pm

Cheering you on!  I find that surrendering worry, and resting (in your heart and mind) bring the best progress.  (I rest in the Lord, and receive new vision to move forward - He never fails.)

Comment by Stephanie Baker on October 22, 2012 at 8:52am

Aen, stick with it. I too have struggled to maintain and gained alot of weight back.  I'm doing a restart and I will do it and keep if off so I always feel great inside and out.  You can do this. We all can!!

Comment by djd on October 21, 2012 at 2:45pm

You can eat all the fresh fruit you want and then have a large salad, you do not need a lot of fat to eat raw.  We need less protein than we are led to believe.  There is plenty of it in almost everything ( fruits, greens and vegetables).

Comment by Jason Littlewolf on October 20, 2012 at 4:52am

Cider vinegar ..a desert sppon in a glass of water 3 times a day will help with arthritis and inflammation....or just add it to dressings etc..its had wonderful effects for friends of mine :)

Comment by Monica Hall on October 19, 2012 at 8:51am

Aaen continue on your journey with raw. Everyone is different & how you get to optimal health for your body will be different than mine. Continue to saturate yourself with literature, documentaries, movies - the media room here has some amazing things to offer so check it out. We are all rooting for you!

Comment by Penni on October 19, 2012 at 8:18am

So glad that you found us & that you are staying on course with striving for a higher level of health!  I hope our community can be a supportive place of resources for you!

Comment by Justin on October 18, 2012 at 6:41pm

Well stick with your program. I support you all the way. By the way Jennifer Cornbleet is great. I've been following her for years! :)

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