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A Kitchen Hack that is Changing My Life

I found out about this a few days ago and it is so great!  It is that mason jars fit into the screw-on part of my blender!  Apparently this works with many types of blenders (the cheaper kind!).  

 I have a $30 Oster blender with a glass container.  And I have various sizes of mason jars.  So this is how it is working for me and making life easier:

For green smoothies, I've been packing the 650 ml size with some frozen fruit plus sunflower sprouts and the supplements I use (eg spirulina, coconut oil and chia seeds) and put it in the fridge.  Then in the morning I put a banana and water to fill up the jar, then screw on the blender bottom and put it in the base to blend.  Then I can drink out of the jar when it's done, and I just rinse the blade and screw on base for the next thing I want to make.

For nut milk, I soak the nuts in a mason jar overnight in the fridge, rinse the nuts using the jar in the morning, add spring water to the now rinsed nuts and screw on the top to blend.  I usually do blending and then liquidizing.  Then I put a strainer over a bowl and dump the nut milk mixture out into the strainer to get the pulp out.  Then I pour the nutmilk back into the jar to drink.

For salads, I've been putting carrots and hard vegetables in the bottom of a quart size jar and then using the 'grate' setting to get them into tiny pieces.  Then I shake them to the bottom, and layer other cut veggies, olives and greens on top, cover with lid and take to go!  

For dressings, I put salad dressing ingredients in the tiny little mason jars, screw on the blender blade to emulsify them and then cover with a lid to go with my jar of salad and to-go bamboo utensil set.

I haven't made a soup yet but I'm assuming it will be - toss ingredients into a large jar eg tomatoes, half a red pepper, a handful of basil leaves, a clove of garlic, half a teaspoon of tumeric, some salt and bit of olive oil and blend!  Then maybe I could try heating it a bit by putting the jar into a pot of hot water.  I could also maybe make small amounts of dip, pesto or hummus in the smaller cup size jar to take out with cut up veggies. 

I'm all about having raw food to go, since I am often on the move with homeschooling activities.  And now instead of having to clean the blender between each use, which could be up to 4 different recipes in a day, I just use 4 jars and wash a sink of jars at the end of the day.  They go from making to taking to storing in the same container.  :)  

Right now I'm also using my jars to ferment kefir water and kombucha....

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Comment by Deborah Grissam on July 30, 2015 at 2:56am

So glad to hear this!   My OCD has been fretting about my blendtec with no tamper. I was really wishing I had a 

Vitamix- but not wanting to spend the money.  I remembered when my mom first got her blender way back in the 60's , it came with some mason  looking jars, and I was thinking about that.  So so handy to make stuff and then be able to store it.  I am so excited to buy an inexpensive blender and use the mason jars for dressings and dips and even soups.  Thanks so much! I have tons of Mason jars!

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