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So a few months ago i discovered raw, and for my new years resolution decided to change 1 simple thing about my health every month with the aim that I will be full vegan and a % raw by the end of the year. Im definitely a slow and steady kind of person, and also intending to move to Asia in June, so don’t want to create habits that are not transferable to a different country!

My first change in January was smoothies every morning. I have (mostly) kept this up and have seen great improvements- especially in my skin and digestion.
I have go into the routine of having 4 green smoothies a week, 2 yellow and 1 red one a week. I decided on a mix partly because i think i get more of a mix of vitamins/ nutrients from having a variety of colours, and also for the availability in shops on days when im less organised- I get the innocent smoothies, which whilst pasteurised, don’t have any other stuff in them, so i decided its  better than nothing! There is also a good smoothie bar called fuel near my work. They put sorbet/ yogurt in all the smoothies but they also do really nice fresh juice, my fave being carrot apple and orange.
My best smoothie tip: I use some frozen stuff in them, but i don’t like really cold smoothies, so I have been adding a splash of my green tea to them- works a treat!

I recently posted for ideas for my next month change, and after many good suggestions have decided that i will add yoga as my February change. I was aware that I needed more exercise and yoga is transferrable to any country. (I used to do it on the balcony at my house in Ghana- much to the locals amusement!) I have to admit that I went on holiday and have not done any yet! But this week I will be getting on with it and adding it to my routine. Im going to aim to do 2 sessions a week with the help of google and my amazing wii fit!! Wish me luck!

I think next month (March) I am going to cut out milk, which will be a much bigger challenge to me. By partner is off to Thailand for a month though so will be able to find out what milk substitutes are available (or if you can buy almonds cheaply!) I have already started drinking green tea and lemon, and only have about 1 milky cuppa a day, which for an English woman is quite an achievement in itself!!!  

Thanks for everyones support, Im so happy i found this site, and hope that i will become a fountain of knowledge like some of you guys are! 

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Comment by AChangeAMonth on March 20, 2013 at 6:50am

thanks :) thats really helpful. I just shared it with my CELTA buddies, hope you dont mind!

Yeah i thought the pay would be lower in europe, I have to decide whether I want to earn more money living in Asia, and potentially spend it all on flights back to the UK for all these weddings and babies coming along, or to stay closer to home! depends on my partner and where he can land a job as well i suppose. anyway am having to put the job hunt on hold for now untill i get my finances in order :)

I might pick your brains on Asia soon too!!! 

your job sounds great, I did a little bit of child rights when I was in Ghana, as it was naturally related to my job role (why they shouldn't cane the kids) and whilst being pretty heart wrenching stuff, it was also so rewarding too. 

where are you now then? 

Comment by Kat on March 19, 2013 at 12:49pm

No, I am not teaching now. I am not a teacher. I have a BA in Psychology and a MSc in Children's Rights & Pedagogy, and based on past jobs I am more of a social researcher/children's rights specialist. Doing a Trinity TEFL course and teaching English was more for the experience and I also though having a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience can widen my opportunities and perhaps get me temporary and part-time jobs as moving around the globe. While in BCN, I also worked with an NGO on a children's project next to teaching. I did some private lessons here and there since Spain (which was in 2011), but not much. 

I taught in Barcelona. If you want to go to Barcelona or Spain in general, you should know a few things. The school year end in the end of June and language school tend to not hire anymore in the end of the year as there are too many subs floating around if needed. In July your only chance of teaching is basically summer camps - if you want to teach at a camp for kids somewhere in the country-side, you should start looking now, school are hiring in March and April...some still hire staff in May. If you prefer to teach at a language school summer camp in Barcelona, you have to be physically there in the end of June as they are hiring last minute. Unsure about other towns. As far as private teaching goes, July is difficult, you may score a few hours but not more. Forget about August, there are no camps, no school, the Spanish and Catalan go on vacation and don't take lessons. Language schools open up in mid-September or early October. The hiring process starts early September but many schools doing it in the very last have better chances to be physically in Spain...September and early October is usually spent running to interviews but you will be able to score some jobs, if not a full-time one, several part-time ones. Some schools are able to give you only adult lessons, some only kids lessons, but most schools give you 4-5 classes from different ages and levels, you would teach 4-yr-olds, teens and adults (in different groups). You can look for private students starting September as well. You would likely teach in the afternoons and evenings and perhaps in the morning, but have mid-day off and there is a high chance of teaching Saturday mornings. With a full-time teaching job (18-20 contact hours, not including meetings, lesson planning etc), you will make anywhere between 800 and 1250 euros (no more) per months at a language school. (That's for Barcelona, other towns are less, but living costs are also lower.) For a private you can ask for about 15-17 euros/hour (20 if you are lucky, 12 if you are desperate). If you get in company classes to teach business English that's more. Some private high schools also hire foreign teachers to teach 'regular classes' (like math, history, social sciences) in English. I am not sure how you score a job like that, and unsure about the salary - I think it's more, maybe 1500, but not sure. You will not make a boat load of money like you would in Asia! But Barcelona is a hell of a lot of fun, a beautiful and amazing city, so much to do, and there is also a TEFL-teacher group with bi-weekly gatherings. 

Sorry, this is a long and totally non-raw-food-related message, but it may help you with your plans. 

Comment by AChangeAMonth on March 18, 2013 at 1:33pm

yep know the veggies soaked in oil FAR too well!! The cook where I lived used to get so upset if we said we wanted a day off of tomato stew! I think my insides must be permanently stained red!

I have a degree in teaching already, so the CELTA is more like an add-on, really interesting though! I finish next month and then will be off again! 

Where abouts in Spain did u teach? thats my backup plan if I decide not to move too far from home this time :) (lots of weddings and babies at the moment!)

Do you still teach now? 

Comment by Kat on March 18, 2013 at 3:38am

Haha, yes, if you cook for yourself. 3 months out of my 6 months in Kenya I was living in tiny remote villages and I had no opportunity to really cook for myself or rather make my food choices. It was practically an unwritten rule in my job description to eat with the villagers and eat what they cook for me. They had so many amazing fruits, BUT they were not eating it themselves, it was all going to the market to be sold...vegetable soaked in oil. I've been a vegetarian for 10 yrs, that is something I cannot be flexible with - they really found me weird, haha, plus due to milk milk allergy I couldn't even drink they chai full of milk. :/ Thus I really needed to make up for eating more oily veggies and ugali.

Being a teacher will help you so much with TEFL. I did a TEFL course and taught myself, but since these courses do not focus on how to teach children (unless you take a short young learners course after you are certified) so a lot of teachers struggle when getting a classroom full of kids. And in Spain - where I taught for 9 months - most jobs require you to teach classes for kids. 

Comment by AChangeAMonth on March 17, 2013 at 6:17pm

heya Kat, 

I am a teacher, in Ghana i worked as an Education Co-Ordinator in a charity- writing a curriculum, training teachers and volunteers etc. 
Im now doing a course on how to teach english to non-speakers (very different to teaching children, but completely similar at the same time!) and then will teach in Asia. And hopefully that will lead me to find a new charity as that is where my heart really lies (but not my wallet!!!)

I wasnt even veggie in Ghana, I lived in a very poor suburb, and to be honest i have come to realise that having any kind of choice over diet is a wealthy mans priviledge. Im sure all the fried chicken and palm oil has done some significant damage though!  However there is so much fruit and veg there, that i think you can eat healthily enough if you cook yourself and have your own food budget. 

I am also assuming asia will be much easier! time will tell :)

what is it you do that keeps you travelling? xxx

Comment by Kat on March 17, 2013 at 4:35pm

Good luck by the way! Wonderful job on the smoothies :)

Comment by Kat on March 17, 2013 at 4:35pm

I totally understand where you are coming from when you say you don't want to create habits that are not transferable to another country. I move around a lot and it gets difficult, some countries I have excess to many things, in other situations I don't even have any control over what I put into my mouth (other than my request for vegan...but what will I get depends on the hosts). Can I ask what do you do that you lived in Ghana and now moving to Asia? I assume Asia will be easier with a veggie and raw life-style...Ghana on the other hand, at least in Kenya (I know, totally other part of Africa) I had constant trouble asking for vegetarian food choices (wasn't a vegan then) and it was impossible to get anything healthy... 

Comment by Janet Carol Ryan on February 13, 2013 at 10:48pm

sounds like a great plan - one change at a time adds up to a whole new way of living!

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