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I deeply apologize for yesterday's TMI post.  You know it's funny, if we're stressed out we can view our own lives in completely different respects, and like Alessandra said (to paraphrase), we choose how to view them, and even that choice doesn't really matter in the end after all.  I really loved that and plan to remember that always. :)  Thanks so much for sharing that.

My boyfriend deserves credit where it's due, last night I was upset and had gone to bed early...I'd been crying a little and I couldn't really talk because I didn't know what to say and I just felt silly and ashamed...He cheered me up and made me laugh, and then he urged me to come downstairs and work on my paper with him.  He even said, "I'll write it for you."  It's sweet that he would care about that enough to want to do that for me.  Of course, that was motivation for me to write it myself...I certainly wouldn't make him do that and he had his own paper to write.  We wrote our papers next to each other on laptops and I ended up writing about 4 pages in 80 minutes (the requirement was 2-4 pages...wasn't intending to go so far over but I suppose it's no surprise here that I can over-write)...He said it normally takes that long for him to write just one page (and he is a great student--to the point where the director of his major sends out recommendations for him all the time and tries to get him job interviews just because she likes him)...That made me feel really good about myself.  I guess I do have it in me when it comes down to it...I just have to push past that mental block.  He also looked at me and said, "I just don't understand why you do, it would bother me so much not to have that done..."  I just looked at him blankly, trying to understand.  "Like, I guess I can see how you would wait if you aren't motivated or if you don't feel that way."  This is one of the first times I've seen him try to be objective and put himself in my shoes, and it made me really happy.  I can't really even understand why I feel the way I do about this myself, except that I tend to feel depression and hopelessness of the future, hopelessness of myself.  I really want to change this and plan on making a vision book, powerpoint, or board to motivate myself.

On to RAW, I did great at the grocery store today.  30 dollars got me quite a bit of healthy produce this time.  It's been finally getting cheaper!! :)  Pineapples looked wonderful for some reason and in addition to that, were also super cheap!!  So I bought two at $1.88 each--they were 2 for 5 bucks a few weeks ago!  I don't worry so much about buying those conventionally :)  I also got 5 avocados ($1 each...that's the norm here in MI), 6 bunches of bananas, 6 pounds of sweet potatoes (hopefully they won't affect my UP...I said that the last time I had them, I noticed they did, but it was a while ago and my UP has improved since then--I want a steady, healthy food that will last long in the fridge and I find they're a great replacement in raw dips and sauces for when I would use mangos), Silk Coconut milk (with added sugar >.<  oops.  I can't wait to try it though!), a container of earth balance for my boyfriend, who went through my whole container already LOL in the last month, a bag of 8 lemons, and 3 or 4 hydroponic tomatoes...that means no pesticides, right??  right?? (I hope lol).  Almost bought an on-sale bag of yerba mate but it was still terrifically overpriced, at least for my budget, at 7 dollars...One day I WILL try that stuff!! :)  I was also tempted by the vegan sour cream and ezekiel tortillas because I have all of the ingredients for vegan tacos, but I restrained and thought--no, because if I get that then I'll have to eat it!!  I mainly buy those things now just to show my boyfriend that there's lots of great vegan things to eat out there, and not really for me.  I also would have loved to have vegan ice-cream...I cannot wait until all the bananas I bought turn speckly so I can freeze them and make wonderful banana ice-cream!  How many times have I mentioned that it's my favorite raw meal!?  Not enough! :)  I am crazy about it.  I eat it constantly throughout the whole day and go through all of my frozen bananas so fast when I have them.  I am beginning to think if this lifestyle becomes a full-time thing for me in the future, I'll have to buy a separate freezer just to adequately stock my home with enough frozen bananas!

My appetite today has been super low, and I'm wondering if it's the two pounds of greens I ate yesterday. :)  Have had 1 zucchini's worth of zucchini pasta and a bowl of veggies dipped in 2 cups of sweet potato guacamole so far today, and have felt extremely satiated all day, even though it's already 3 pm.  I am beginning to think protein at the beginning of the day when I can't afford all the fruit I'd like may be a really good decision.  I've been seeing trends.

I adore Juice Feasting Jenn.  I just love her!! Wanted to give her a mention. :) She is doing another juice feast! :)  I was surprised too, good for her!!! <3

Well, that's all :)  Take care everyone :)  Beautiful here today...

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Comment by Ayn on April 5, 2012 at 11:31am

Hydroponics can use use pestisides. Its a style of growing, but not still should be labeled organic for the the ones that do not use pestisides. 

Comment by Alessandra on April 4, 2012 at 5:58pm

: )

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