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So, this past month has been loaded with family time with all sorts of distant relatives, them coming here and us going there.  I don't even think I have to expound upon this matter. 

Anyhow, series of events has me wanting to step up to the endeavor of 30-days on liquids only.  The craziness of this past month certainly has my skin looking less than resilient and clothes fitting snuggly again.  Aside from that, I believe the challenge would certainly strive towards strengthening discipline.  I've done 10-day liquid fasts before but have never gone 30.  Any one have any words for/on this?  Encouragement?  :-) 

Just having to focus on the "I know I can!"  Not the ever-so-daunting "oh, that's long..."  lol.  I have my niece in town visiting until tomorrow a.m. so I won't be looking to start it today.  Thinking of progressing toward it but officially starting on the 27th as everything should be a bit more settled and we should be done with all the visiting for a bit.  Still have the stress of selling a house and relocating but... maybe this will help there too.

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Comment by LaTricia E. Morris on June 21, 2013 at 10:33pm

Thank you, Winterdrop.  Got the barley grass and wheat grass sprouting so I can get it growing in some window boxes.  Figuring lots of greens will be a must.  I've done various cleanses and such before.  30 on liquids is just a bit of a challenge mentally but I have the week to gear toward it.  I wonder why the fruity stuff would trigger cravings.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Anyhow, thank you again!

Comment by Winterdrop on June 21, 2013 at 10:28am

I'm on a 30 day (at least) liquid diet right now. I think after 2 weeks you'll in the routine to the point that you don't really think about eating solid food, at least if you have enough really yummy juices/smoothies/soups. My best advise is to make a plan, keep it simple and use a lot of the same receipts that you know work for you and will not make you crave. I have a lot of greens and I don't have fruity juices/smoothies every day since they bring out cravings some time. When that happens or when I feel hungry, I drink a green drink though and then it's gone :) Make sure you eat enough so you're not hungry and have a lot of water, too.  If you're in doubt just think about how great you will feel about yourself after you made it through the 30 days. Good luck :) x

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