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100-Day Juice Fasting - Week 4 {February 29th - March 6th}

Week 4 February 29th - March 6th

February 29th - Day 22

Today consumed green and fruit juices, plenty of water and began creating more juices from Book: "Juicing for Beginners: The Essential Guide to Juicing Recipes and Juicing for Weight Loss" by Rockridge Press.

March 1st - Day 23

Blueberry Beet Juice

2 C. Blueberries

2 Small Beets

1 Small Apple

Energy Explosion Juice

1 Medium Naval Orange

1 Medium Apple

1 Medium Pear 

½ Bunch Parsley

1/2 Lime

Berry Mint Blast

2 C Blueberries 

1 C Strawberries 

1 C Raspberries

½ C Currants (optional)

1 Bunch Mint Leaves

Fruity Green Juice

1 Bunch Spinach Leaves 

1 Medium Apple

1 Medium Pear 

1 Medium Naval Orange

March 2nd - Day 24

Today consumed Energy Explosion, Juice Fruity Green Juice and plenty of water. More detox symptoms occurred mainly a slight headache and mild dryness on my face. Too cold to go outside so just stayed indoors and worked from late afternoon to mid evening.

March 3rd - Day 25

Slept all day and awoke around 4:30 pm, made more juice (kale, apples, oranges, beets and strawberries) and a large pitcher of fruit smoothie (bananas, strawberries, mango, oranges and grounded flaxseed). Worked again until early evening, relaxed with a movie and snacked on a glass of fruits smoothie, juice and water.

March 4th - Day 26

Up early and deciding if I should make a trek outside today, yesterday it snowed all day and was a great day for me to hibernate. I do not want to get restless with being indoors to long. Breakfast large glass of juice and water, lunch fruit smoothie and water worked until mid afternoon.

March 5th - Day 27

Another day indoors more snow with rain, this hibernation is becoming old hat. lounged most of the day and did a few chores around the house. Throughout the day consume green juices, a fruit smoothie and plenty of water. Completed my evening by bundling up and having a classic marathon of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich flicks.

March 6th - Day 28

Breakfast 8 ounce glass of fruit smoothie and water and finally made the trek outside, the weather was a bit chilly and cloudy, completed a few errands and the snow was slightly melted so hitting the trail for a 1 mile walk was a breeze. Returned home about mid afternoon made more fruit and green juices. Lunch large glass of green juice and water, had a nap felt tired so just went with the flow of my bodies rhythm. Dinner green juice with plenty of water, worked for a few hours and now completing my evening with a movie and a good read.

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