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100-Day Juice Fasting - Week 2 {February 15th - 21st}

Week 2 February 15th - 21st

February 15th & 16th - Days 8 and 9

Awoke around 11:00 am breakfast was a large glass of water and vegetable (green) juice. Did an hour of light yoga, showered and read for a few hours, made a quick errand to the market for a great sale (deal) for fruits and vegetables.

Lunch was light mainly bountiful glasses of water, worked the rest of the afternoon and began preparing dinner for my husband. Dinner large glass of fruit juice and water, later before going to be a medium cup of herbal infused tea and more water.

** Tip always keep a glass bottle of water on your night stand for when you get thirsty throughout the evening and upon awakening in the morning.

February 17th & 18th - Day 10 and 11

Slept deeply and awake around noon, showered, consumed a large glass of green juice and engulfed plenty of water, worked for 3 hours and headed to the park for a run on the trail, completed 1.13 miles today my body felt great, now I will slowly work to get back to my 2-3 mile runs. :-D For dinner I had a large glass of infused herbal tea, fruit juice and more water.

My body has become more in tuned to these delicious juices that I am more determined to go onward. A majority of my detox symptoms has vanished, but the dry skin has seemed to stick around and looks as though my skin is peeling Yuck!!!

I found another juicing gem to keep the journey flowing "The Painless Juice Cleanse: The Ultimate Guide to 30 day Juice Cleanse For Flushing Toxins, Reducing Stress, Curbing your Appetite And Losing Weight" by Julia Thomas

February 19th - Day 12

Awoke around 2:30 pm, made a large amount of fruit and vegetable juices. Consumed large glass of green juice and water. Spent the remainder of the day working, my detox symptoms have slowly subsided and I feel and look much better. Fruit juice and water for lunch and for dinner another large glass of green juice and plenty of water. 

February 20th - Day 13

Breakfast large glass of green juice, water prepare more juice a combination of apples, oranges and celery. Lunch more green juice and headed outside to run on the trail at the park, the weather was beautiful for this time of year, seems like the winter snow is taking a long vacation. Ran 1 mile and walked 2 miles, slowly working to get back to running after hibernating during the -degree cold days. Showered and consume my dinner a large glass of fruit juice and water, made a medium cup of infused herbal tea before relaxing to a few good movies courtesy of Netflix.

February 21st - Day 14

This morning a large glass of fruit juice and water, packed a lunch of juice and water for my trek, have so errands to complete this afternoon preparing for next week which will be very busy and hectic, I have so many projects in the works and will be spending most of my time online, burning up the phone and going to meetings. Dinner large glass of water and juice, time to log off and get some rest. I am reviewing a few more juicing ideas for the coming weeks ahead and will add various combinations of fruits and vegetables to see what wonderful creations will emerge :-D

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