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Someone here at RFR asked me about retracing and I cannot find the email or I thought I would blog on this...maybe others have this same question...

Pgs. 151-157 discuss this topic...Here are some highlights that have helped me:


The Seven Stages of Disease, formulated by Dr. John Tilden more than 100 years ago, gives us another perspective in how to understand the degenerative process of diabetes and how to reverse the process. "Health is what you consistantly do," and the same can be said of ill health. Disease is an acquired state that is earned over the years with identifiable stages that lead to the manifestation of symptoms, and even death, if we are not prudent enough to reverse the disease process and go backward through the seven stages. Even an acute viral-based Type-1 onset requires a disturbed terrain that allowed a weakened immune system that produced susceptibility to a viral infection, resulting in insulinitis and a rapid onset of Type-1 diabetes. Diabetes is a disease process with stages that we can progressively degenerate along, advancing the disease condition and creating complications--or we can reverse the disease process. It depends on whether we are aware of what is required to live a healthy life. Herbert Shelton called this understanding the laws of life. If you understand these laws you'll be healthy. If you break them, you will be sick. This is the meaning of Crimes Against Wisdom. Shelton wrote:

"The laws of life are not something imposed upon the organization of man. They are imbedded in the very structure of our being, in our tissues, our nerve and muscle cells, our bloodstream, into the total organism....Since these laws are fundamental parts of us, we cannot revolt against them without revolting against ourselves...We cannot run away from the laws of being without running away from ourselves."

In the Tree of Life program we teach what these natural ways are, and empower you to live by them. Let's look now at the Seven Stages of Disease.


Enervation is the reduction of nerve energy, by which the body's normal maintenance and eliminative functions are impaired, especially in terms of the elimination of endogenous and exogenous toxins, those created from within (through normal metabolic processes) and from without (in modern times including the 65,000 human-made toxins in our environment, and the excitotoxins, food additives, and toxins created by the cooking and processing of food). A person who is enervated is generally inactive, living in a toxic environment and consuming toxins that are not being released from the body in a timely manner.

Enervation is also created by stress, which uses up the vital energy in the body that would be applied to maintenance and elimination. Constipation occurs in the bowl, lymph, and tissues of the body. This is the diabetogenic diet and lifestyle we have been illustrating throughout this book.


The stagnation of Stage 1 leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, and these substances begin to saturate the blood, lymph, and cells. Stage 2 is typified by sluggish energy, and in the case of diabetes, we already have cells that are developing the preconditions for being insensitive to the signaling of insulin due to their toxic state. John Tilden writes in the chapter "Toxemia" in Herbert Shelton's The History of Natural Hygiene:

"The toxin theory of the healing art is grounded on the truth that toxemia is the basic source of all diseases. So sure and certain is this truth that I do not hesistate to say that it is by far the most satisfactory theory that has been advanced in all the history of medicine. It is a scientific system that covers the whole field of cause and effect--a system that synthesizes with all knowledge, hence a true philosophy.

When this truth first began to force itself upon me, years ago, I was not sure but that there was something wrong with my reasoning. I saw that iw would bring me very largely in opposition to every established medical treatment. I held back, and argued with myself...I fought to suppress giving open utterance to a belief that would, in all probability, cause me to be hissed at--subject to the jeers and gibes of the better class of people, both lay and professional.

Little by little I have proved the truth of my theory. I have tried it out daily for the past twenty years. I have personally stood the brunt of my experimenting, and have willingly suffered because of it. Every day this trying-out of the theory has coninced me more and more that toxemia is the universal cause of disease.

As has been stated continuously in my writings for the past dozen years, the habits of overeating, overclothing, and excesses of all kinds use up nerve energy. When the nerve supply is not equal to the demands of the body, organic functioning is impaired, resulting in the retention of waste products. This produces toxemia."

Common sources of toxemia include various exogenous and endogenous toxins, which will not be recognizable as the diabetogenic pre-conditions for diabetes.

Endogenous toxins include:
*Metabolic waste, ongoing, toxic byproducts on the cellular leel
*Spent debris from cellular activity
*Dead cells
*Emotional and mental distress, and excess
*Physical fatigue, distress, and excess

Exogenous toxins include:
*Unnatural food and drink
*Natural foods deranged by cooking, refining, and preserving
*Improper food combinations that result in endogenous toxins
*Medical, pharmaceutical, herbal, and supplemental drugging
*Tobacco, alcohol, and all forms of recreational drugging
*Environmental, commercial, and industrial pollutants
*Impure air and water


The body become irritated by the toxic buildup in the blood, lymph, and tissues, and the interstitial space between the cells begins to resemble a toxic waste dump. The cells and tissues where buildup occurs are irritated by the toxic nature of the waste, resulting in inflammation. The waste products interfere with the proper oxygenation and feeding of the cells as well as causing the accumulation of excess water in the tissues. Pain signals coming from the tissues have at least three causes: lack of oxygen, lack of nutrition (cellular food), and pressure. The cells, subjected to the lack of oxygen, the lack of food, and the increased pressure from the retained water, begin to send out pain signals. The cells are hence irritated. The conventional answer is either to ignore the pain and discomfort, or to take a "pain" pill, adding more to the toxic burden as the sufferer continues living in the same manner. The toxic sufferer can feel exhausted, queasy, irritable, even irrational and hostile. This leads to the next stage of disease and body degeneration, inflammation.

The enervated body is now suffering the results of toxemia. The cells have initially become irritated. The next step of cellular changes and body degeneration is inflammation. The inflammation process produces the common "-itis." With the skin it is dermatitis. In the throat it may be tonsillitis and, further on esophagitis. In the stomach we find gastritis. In the small intestine, iletis. In the colon, colitis. With the liver, it is hepatitis. You cah have an inflammation (an -itis) anywhere in the body.

The medical community has named many of the 20,000 distinctly different diseases. Allopathic practice tends to name a disease after the site where the toxins have accumulated and precipitated their symptoms. Once the set of symptoms is named, doctors usually prescribe pharmaceuticals at Stage 4, which do not remove the underlying causes that we are now familiar with. Wit diabetes and its complications, we see this stage of disease in the heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and nervous system. By allowing the accumulation of toxemia to advance, the body will continue to decline in energy and vitality. Further cellular changes will be found. Left unchecked and unheeded, the next stage of disease is ulceration.

An ulcer can be viewed as a consequence of body degeneration. Ulceration can occur with any body tissue, but the usual connotation of ulcers has to do with the skin. Tissues are destroyed. The body ulcerates, forming an outlet for the poisonous buildup. The toxic sufferer experiences a multiplication and worsening of symptoms while the pain intensifies.

Modern medical practice is usually to continue drugging, and often commence with surgery and other forms of treatment at this stage. Remember, diabetic foot complications are the most common cause of nontrauma-based lower extremity amputations in the industrialized world. Neuropathy, a major etiologic component of most diabetic ulcerations, is present in more than 82 percent of diabetic patients with foot wounds. The incidence of gangrene is twenty times higher as compared to nondiabetics, and the risk of lower extremity amputations is fifteen to forty-six times higher in diabetics than in people who do not have diabetes mellitus.

Induration means a hardening or scarring of tissues. Induration is the result of long-standing, chronic inflammation with bouts of acute inflammation interspersed. The chronic inflammation causes an impairment or sluggishness of circulation, as some cells succumb, they are replaced with scar tissue. This is the way we lose good, normal-functioning cells--by chronic inflammation and death of cells.

We also see low oxygen in the cells coming from induration in the blood vessels as they are glycosolated. Atherosclerosis is a form of induration. Wit low or no circulation, toxic buildup, and low oxygen we hae the condtions for the seventh stage of disease: fungation, or cancer.


When the internal conditions have deteriorated to the extent that normal aerobic, oxidative processes are no longer possible, the cells can revert to a more primordial means of surviving. Biochemical and morphological changes form the depositing of endogenous and exogenous toxins bring about degenerations and death at the cellular level. The cells can carry on their life processes by anaerobic processes, the same processes that many bacteria use. When the cells have changed in form and function to this extent, this is when an oncologist will tell you that you have cancer.


The root causes of diabetes and its complications must be eliminated to be totally successful. In the language of the seven stages, the most important stages to address in reversing the diabetogenic process are toxemia and inflammation. This is another way to under the diabetogenic degenerative process and how to reverse it. The means for reversal of toxemia and deficiency are topics we are going to investigate for the remainder of the book. WHEN A PERSON SUPPLIES THE BODY WITH SUPERIOR BUILDING MATERIALS, BEGINS TO LOWER THE LEVEL OF TOXEMIA, AND INCREASES VITALITY, THE BODY WILL BEGIN TO REPAIR AND REBUILD. PREVIOUS COMPLAINTS MAY SURFACE ONCE AGAIN AS THE BODY "RETRACES" AND HEALS. The true test of any theory of disease is how well it can affect the chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex dysregulation that emerges as a symptom of the Culture of Death. The lifestyle and diet of the Culture of Life is the antidote.

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Comment by Kathleen Kelly on February 2, 2011 at 5:34pm

true but this is more than an "lousy feelings", I was so sick I though I was going to through up n pass out.

just like comming off hard drugs. I slept all afternoon. I didn't want to go to the docter because she would just give me more drugs. Right? lol

Comment by Susan : ) on February 2, 2011 at 4:39pm
When you know that some of the lousy feelings are part of this process, it is easier to chalk it all up to detox, retracing, etc. and then go on with life!  : ) 
Comment by Kathleen Kelly on February 2, 2011 at 3:56pm
Ok, that sounds like me. Thanks Susan. I hope I can live through the 7 stages back
Comment by Donna on February 2, 2011 at 1:18pm

wow. take the time to read this. good stuff.

Comment by Karen P on January 22, 2010 at 4:12pm
So much to read out there!

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