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you are what you eat. 9 days on raw :)


One week and 2 days has past on my cleanse. I only eat soup/juices/smoothies, that works best for me to avoid cravings I think so I will keep this up for a while before I start eating fruits and veggies as they are. The last 2 days were rough, I was struggling to know if I was truly hungry or just needed the comfort and old habit of eating, and I really did not want to give in to something that was not hunger....and then I felt like I was overthinking the whole thing too much because all I would have anyway would be some more raw stuff. But I just don't want to eat anymore unless it's because I'm hungry! I want to be free of this, not later. So I refused to give in all though it was probably just hunger. I will add a bit more food this week to avoid that.

Actually it feels like it's been way more then 9 days, had no energy all and I was crying myself to sleep before I started this. I am planning of posting a bit more personal post about that in a while to explain more, but for now I can only say that I feel absolutely great! I'm so much happier and suddenly my life do not feel as grey and empty as it did just  bit more than one week ago. A huge plus is that my hayfever has completely varnished! :) It must have something to do with the food because my friends at work still have the hayfever and I was worst of all of them. So happy about this, I could barely breath before.

Since I'm Swedish I talk about weight in kilos, but according to google 3 kilos would be about 6,6 pounds that I lost in this week alone, and a few centimeters are gone from my waist. So of course I feel a bit lighter as well which always helps :)

I've had a few discoveries food wise, like I had this idea all my life that I don't like mango, but how amazing is this fruit!? So juicy and filling. I am looking forward to having it as breakfast in the future. Also I always loved peaches but I had never tried them in a smoothie before, yum! New favourite when I am not having a green smoothie is peaches + bananas + lime. Without the lime is probably to prefer for most people but I love sour drinks, I also think it helps against any sugar cravings.

I don't experience any detox issues at the moment, only a few nightmares but I think that's because I'm having a juice or smoothie too late at night and I get the nightmare just before I wake up because I really need to pee ;)


I had a bit of an argument with my room mate who thinks I am "wasting" the summer by not eating what I want and being a bit less social. Yes, I don't get out as much right now but I think it's worth it if this means I can keep eating as planned. This is only ONE summer of my life and I rather do this now and focus 100 % on myself then waking up in the fall and wish I've done this sooner. I don't believe it's a waste, not one bit. It will only get better from here and it will all be worth it.




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Comment by Devona on July 4, 2013 at 4:54pm

Good for you, keep it up!

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