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November 2013 Blog Posts (41)

Day 54: Wonderful sunny day! Looking forward to getting outside while it is nice.

Winding down from the holiday. 

So thankful, I actually got extra hours next week. Hoping this holds thru this month, so I have the extra money to pay taxes and some bills looming.

Not able to eat as much raw as I would like right now so just doing the best I can. Sometimes there is just more money than month. 

However, I am happy with my progress. I feel great!

I can truefully say, I made it through the holidays with no weight gain! Love it! So thrilled to find…


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Creamy Fall Spice Shake!!

Hey friends of the fruit!!  Come check out my latest vid on an easy creamy pumpkin persimmon shake!  Who needs pumpkin pie when you've got this mouth-watering, creamy alternative? 



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Day 53: Enjoying the day after

NIce quiet day today. Had a great holiday and now back to some routine before the next holiday hits. 

Lots of things on my list of to do. Sewing things and working on scrapbooks. 

Feels good to be going into the end of the year with things in order and getting things off my to do list.

Looking forward to a great new year in 2014.

This week has been a week off from the gym but plan on getting back at it asap.

Raw Truth

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Day 52: Things are rolling along like clockwork

This is one of the most relaxing Thanksgivings I have had. Everyone is coming here and it is nice not to have to drive out of town to get someplace. I love it!

Prep is done, just finishing up some laundry. Will clean the bathroom one last time and make sure it is in order and the rest of the day will be fun!

I plan to take some time to organize my recipes, finish filling out Christmas cards and work on some things for my business this evening after all the company is…


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Day 51: enjoying relaxing a bit, all my prep work is nearly done

So it is nice to be relaxed a bit the day before Thanksgiving. My prep work is nearly all done. I was shooting for that since i am working this evening. I will not be participating in black Friday and I have Thanksgiving off. 

Very thankful for this choice. I don't like crowds and I don't need stuff.

I have done most all my shopping already except last minute food items I will purchase to go in stockings. Keeping it very simple this year and that is just the way I like…


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Day 50: Chia seed pudding for breakfast

this is probably one of my favorites! I love adding cocoa and stevia and coconut milk to chia seeds and making a pudding.

I use 2 Tablespoons of chia seeds and mix it in a small cup. I always feeli like I am having a treat when I fix this. It is one of my all time favorites!

It is good to start the morning with because of the fiber. It makes me feel full and happy!

Sometimes I opt for a handful of nuts if I am in a hurry.

Then a bit later I may have a green…


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Day 49: Challenging day

So getting ready for Thursday, prepping as much as I can early.

Not able to stay on track with as much raw as I would like. Resources are slim but doing what I can. 

Have injured my back so resting today but will try to get to the gym later this evening.

Busy day, if I find that I am not feeling up to it I may give my back a rest and wait until tomorrow for the gym. I will at least do cardio though on my rebounder if nothing else. I do have some weights at home so may…


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Day 48: Feeling accomplished and marking things off my list

Got alot done yesterday. Felt good to finally get things sorted and organized and ready ready for new homes in my sons room.

More things ready to go in Spring garage sale. 

My focus this week is to totally organize this stuff, get my car in the garage, and then the next big hurdle, my sewing room and pictures for albums. This will be a much bigger project that will be ongoing. The goal is to decrease the amount of items by either sewing up what I have out there (quilts) and…


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Day 47: Organizing continues

Finally getting my son to go through his things and sort and cull out. He is at the age when the childhood items are no longer what he is interested in. He is decided what to keep for keepsakes and culling out the rest. He has grown so much that he needs new clothes again. 

It is a good feeling to get all this done. It has been a year of thinning things out for us us all. Simplifying our lives and keeping only what is necessary. 

The next couple of months will be a bit tough…


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Interview and Speech Yesterday :)

Hi guys :). Wow yesterday was a great day. I learned something about myself--I can talk to people! I always have considered myself to be shy in person. I had to give a speech in my english class for 90 minutes (a group presentation), and my portion of it ended up being the longest and people actually complimented me during it! I was so surprised. It was on the environment, something I am very passionate about, but lost sight of a bit in my busy-ness lately. I had so much to say and I think I… Continue

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Day 46: Getting caught up on sleep

I find that when I work out the first few weeks that I am sore I am ,more tired than usual. I have always noticed this. Not sure why that is but I guess it is just my body letting me know it needs more time to recover. by the third week, it resolves as the soreness goes away. 

Finally feeling a bit rested up now.  Good thing because I have alot on my agenda that I need to get done before going to work this weekend.

I am happy with my progress and continuing to keep high…


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Day 45: Getting ready for the holiday coming up

Nearly have all my holiday shopping done. Looking forward to a relaxing time. House is nearly clean and feeling like I have things caught up for the most part. Don't want to stress at the last minute. 

We are having about 9 people here so it is manageable and low key. Just the way I like it.

I do miss the big get togethers we used to have but our families have all gotten bigger and it is not feasable to do that anymore. We have gone to each of us having our own holiday…


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How Do You Handle the Holidays?

photo (42)

How do YOU handle the holidays?

I was feeling like I needed an extra detox/cleanse before the holidays.  I've had more headaches in the last couple days.  Perhaps my salt intake has been up a bit with the cooked vegan (low fat/high carb) dinners.  Perhaps also due to the Halloween candy still laying around that has beckoned, and I've responded to slightly :(

Banana Island sounded too boring...

So a boost to inspire me to aim more raw…


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day 10, steps forward

In my last post I was commenting on what wasn't working.   I feel like GRAINS DON'T WORK FOR ME.    Since Monday, the 18th, I have eaten NO GRAINS,  and I have lost 2lbs.  The puffiness has disappeared.   I have even eaten some healthy, vegan,  cooked foods...and still lost everyday.   Mostly my food intake is raw.  

I am enjoying eating meals with my hubby.  He is feeling better everyday.   He gives my vegetarian,  healthy eating knowledge all the credit for his already…


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Day 44: Getting my Go power on

So I am sore from the gym but this will be my third workout and I am determined to be consistent. The first two weeks of an workout are always the toughest because you will in fact be sore because the routine is different.

Once you get past that, your body recuperates and begins building muscle and you get past the soreness. 

Just have to tough it out and keep focused. My goal is to continue this workout for 90 days and check results. It is a different approach than I have…


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Day 43: Getting things in order

Getting things in order in my house and it feels great! Love it! I have cleaned out so much stuff over this past summer and now I am organizing everything else.

I like things working efficiently and I like them organized. It saves so much time.

We went and made decisions on my daughters senior pictures yesterday. Now to figure out how to pay for them. It is going to be a tough couple of months with taxes and senior stuff. However I only need a financial miracle!;o)

 I do…


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Low Fat Raw Vegan on $10 a Day

Rawveg on 10

Almost everyone I know says how expensive it is to eat a raw vegan, somewhat organic diet.

So I'm on a mission... to find out if it's possible to do it for $10 a day!

✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿  ✿   ✿   ✿  

  ✿   Total Cost for the Day = $9.99   ✿

 (U.S. Chicagoland Prices, rounded up)

Calories for the Day ~ 3171 


✿  Carbs ~ 91%

✿  Fat ~ 5%



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Day 42: It is what it is

So taking a new approach today.

In changing my attitude. I am going to do something I think will be revolutionary for my journey. So for the remainder of my second health focus session, I will experiment with this idea. 

I have always believed in positive affirmations so I am making specific ones today that I will read everyday before I get out of bed and before I go to sleep at night. 

I read a saying last night that I thought was really great.



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What's NOT working

I checked out this book someone recommended:

"The Virgin Diet". It basically eliminates 7 foods that cause a reaction in your body that cause inflammation and weight gain due to your body's reaction to the food. It all made sense to me. Hubby and I started the diet last Monday. I lost 3 lbs in 2 days and was greatly encouraged. The 3rd day I gained back 1/2 a pound....then I didn't lose another pound at all the rest of the week. WHY does this always happen to me??? My wonderful husband… Continue

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Day 41: Exhausted after night on the phone

I will be so thankful when I no longer have to work at this job and can work my business instead.

I really hate talking on the phone for so many hours. It is hard on my jaw. I am looking for another job that would not require constantly talking but as of yet nothing has come through. Frustrating, because I can not get enough hours at my current job to really survive financially and nothing else seems to be working out.

I know God has a plan for my life but I honestly feel…


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