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September 2013 Blog Posts (44)

Day 83 is here and kind of odd!;o)

So today is day 83 and my newest revision begins. Off to an unusual start. I will be doing this day in reverse with regards to my plan.

However, it is okay, as long as it gets accomplished, it is all good and it does not matter what order you do things in.

It is going to be a great day! I am working with my business and I love,, love love what I am doing with that! In my element! When I am working with my business, I feel enthusiastic, when I go to the job, I feel well, less…


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Day 83 coming up! New Plan to be implemented

My math skills are lacking, I was thinking I would be doing 102 days I think but it is actually 90 plus 7 so it is 97 days on this next plan. I don't want to wait until the 90 days are up because I am excited to add in my revision now. It is a warm up for the next 90 day goal.

I bought some real cocoa powder and man oh man is tastes so much better than carob. The carob was cheaper that I got last time but I really don't like it much. However I used it because I like to get my moneys…


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Day 82 addendum/thoughts

Something interesting to note. My daughters boyfriend pointed out to me that he thinks I am not eating enough calories. I think he is right.

I have eaten what ever I wanted the past couple of days and got on the scale and last time I weighed on day 60 in comparison. I had not gone down in weight much. I weighed yesterday and today because I am getting ready to make adjustments. I always weight when I am making adjustments to see if it is making a difference.

Well it did. In one…


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Day 82:I really like this number!;o)

I have always liked this number. I like even numbers. Sounds silly but I don't really celebrate my birthday except on the even number years. I just don't like odd numbers. Every since I was a small child, I did not like odd numbers. I think it was because I could not figure out how to divide them equally(before I learnded about fractions obviously! ;o) and I always wanted things to be fair, to be equal and even.

Well guess what, life is not fair. Life is not always equal and…


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Random thoughts on Day 81/Feeling loved and appreciated

Sometimes we don't feel loved by others. Sometimes we don't feel appreciated.

Sometimes we have to remember, God loves us and he appreciates us even if we are not feeling that from others.

Sometimes others are silent not because they do not care but because they do not know what to say. it is tough to be vulnerable. However when you become vulnerable, you develope intimacy which people naturally crave and need in their lives. It is how we build relationships. As more and more…


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Day 81: A day early, busy day tomorrow/my fun day!.

Allergies are way better today. Not much more than a few sneezes and I am so thankful. They make me tired and grouchy and irritable.

Lots to do tomorrow. so Blogging this evening for tomorrow.

I am learning to be more polite when lining someone out. From my previous sales training days, I sandwiched it in with two positives and did not directly accuse the person of anything. It felt great.

Earlier in the week I was not so tactful. I totally blew it. But sometimes that is…


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Day 80: Do overs

Do you ever wish you could have a "Do over". You know were you could go back in your life and do things differently? If only we could take the knowledge we have gained and go back, then we might be able to make better choices. However, that is not how life works. The best we can do is what we can do with the knowledge we have at the time. I had a professor tell me that once in college many many years ago. It is a statement that has stuck with me all these years. I was 20 years old when he…


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Day 79: Not much to say

Continuing forward. Will be glad when this week is done. Lots to do and allergies are making me more tired than usual. They are better though since switching the coffee to my organic coffee I usually buy.

My mom said that the pollen content is going down for ragweed so that could be the explaination for my symptoms being less. However I did notice an immediate improvement after the coffee enema so I do know that it helps your liver detox and then it is able to deal with allergies more…


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Approaching Day 78: Doing better/addendum: Day 78, rockin the house!

After switching to the organic coffee I am doing so much better. Still tired but not having as many issues with the allergies.

I think by the end of the week I will see a big difference. Doing coffee enemas as it helps with the detox of the liver and when the liver is backed up, there is a tendency to have more problems with allergies.

Glad I figured out what the problem was.

Just 12 more days until my 90 day detox is over. I have not done it perfectly but it has been…


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Day 77: Fast approaching

I know I have made progress.

I tried on a pair of pants that I wore when I was weighing less and they are baggy. Strange. Not sure why I would see them being baggy when I actually weight more.

Feeling frustration in my life though. Allergies are really bugging me. I think I figured out one thing contributing to my irritability other than the allergies. A friend gave me some coffee that they said was organic. Well when I boiled it, I noticed a greasy ring around my pan after…


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The Vegan Truth #1

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Approaching Day 76: Integrity/discipline

Great sermon at church today that spoke to my heart and soul. Also the basis of the sermon was about Daniel and how he was unwilling to eat the Kings food, rather he choose to eat vegetables and water and how he was much stronger than the Kings gaurds who ate the Fat laiden foods of the King.

Daniel1: 8-10 But Daniel determined that he would not defile himself by eating the King's food or drinking his wine, so he asked the head of the palace staff to exempt him from the royal diet.…


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How's this for a new paradigm?

Hi friends ~

Just had to share this - so excited!  Today I offered a Green Smoothie tasting bar after church during our usual 'hosptality' time when the customary fare is coffee and processed junk (well you know what I mean right?).

Two friends and I, assisted by my son and his girlfriend, fired up our Vitamixes and served small tasting cups of 

1 savory and 1 fruity smoothie. Well, we had 'em lined up and coming back for 2nds and 3rds!  People were curious,  we answered…


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Day 75: regrouping and resting

Allergies are flairing with the high rag weed pollen in the air. I think that has alot to do with my irritability. It is keeping me from sleeping well.Got some more Tulsi tea though and it helps. Also got a homeopathic med that is helping some.

I find that stress tends to make me more inclined to eat things I really should not be eating. I am craving carbs. Need to get back to more clean eating, and for go the grains.

Weather is getting cooler so I seem to want them more…


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Approaching day 74: Frustration

I find when I am working on things like getting ready for garage sales etc, I tend to get off track more. Anything that is not my usual routine seems to throw me off.

I also feel irritable because I am kind of burned out with the whole garage sale thing.

Frustrating day all in all. Bank issues and now just feeling irritable.

Will be getting up early so it will be a long day.

On a positive note, I finally have gotten through all of my stuff and sorted it all and…


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Approaching day 73: Hoping to get out of my night owl routine starting next week.

I will only work until 10 pm starting next week and hoping I can get back to a normal sort of routine. I slept late today and now my sleep pattern is off.

Hoping something better comes through on jobs. I have a few to check on. Also trying to have garage sale to fill in the gaps on income and clear out unneeded clutter.

So far God has blessed me with just enough and I am greatful. This month will be challenging but I know God will provide a way. Trusting him and having…


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Day 72: Tired

I notice after I have the biocranial adjustments that I feel sleepy for a few days after. That is what I am feeling. Also worked till mid-night last night and always feel sleepy the next day.

However, I do feel relaxed and like it is my body taking some healing time. Just going with it for now. Then I will go back to routine of exercise. Sometimes I think it is important to realize when the body really does need extra rest. I am normally a go , go kind of person but not the last…


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Day 71: Not much to say

Not up to par. Feeling tired and headache. High pollen count for ragweed which is bothering me.

I can say my allergies are not near as bad as they once were but this is one that still bothers me. Not doing much on plan today. Just resting, reverse coffee and lots of water.

I did get my biocranial adjustment yesterday and it always helps alot. It takes me out of sympathetic mode and helps me relax more. Also makes me sleepy usually and I am sure it has to do with my body…


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More random thoughts on what I actually crave in certain foods

I have done much thought on this subject and I think what I crave as far as

CHEESE:  is actually the saltiness and the fat. I am finding that if I put sea salt in my guacamole that is satisfies both of those cravings.


CHOCHOLATE: What has helped with this is cocao nibs. Love them! Nothing can really replace that taste other than carob which I use at times as well in my avacado pudding and coconut hot choc with stevia


CHIPS: Something that is helpful is…


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Approaching Day 70: Different strategy

I recently decided to blog before the day actually begins rather than in the morning of that day. I figure this will give me more time in the morning and my mind will be prepared for the coming day. Success is about planning and mindset. This is my reasoning on this.

So I will have 20 days left starting in the morning. Wow! The time has gone by rather quickly actually. Strange, guess when you are enjoying life, it really does go by faster.


So first thing in the…


Added by Raw Truth on September 16, 2013 at 10:47pm — 1 Comment

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