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August 2013 Blog Posts (58)

Day 52: Centering my life and priorities.

Priorities I want to focus on:

1. Putting God first in my life(daily reading and also going back to church, had gotten out of that habit because of working on Sundays. Well, no excuses, going to be there this Sunday, riding my bike)

2. Family, my kids are my most amazing blessings. It is my daughters senior year and my son is in 8th grade. My oldest is 22. I want to focus on having fun and helping them with their dreams. In fact I think we may have a goal setting and goal…


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Day 51: Technically it really is!

Posting this early am as I am off work and wired. It always takes a bit to calm down and be able to sleep. Making my tea and chillin'.

Day 50 was awesome and day 51 is going to be another great day!

Rockin it out with raw. Sticking to the grindstone for these last 40 days. Wanting to really stay hard core to get my best results. Have my clothes I want to take to Vegas hanging in sight for motivation.

I believe I am going to see very good results. Of course as always, not…


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Day 50: Wow! Only 40 more days of my detox

I have noticed less inflammation in my legs. This is nice. I have to say that I am convinced that not including sugar of any kind in my diet is the way to go for me for now at least.

Since cutting out fruit I am noticing that the pockets of inflammation are going down in my legs. I could feel a ripply, bumpy feeling when I pushed on my leg as though pockets of fluid or inflammation were just beneath the skin. They are beginning to go away and I am starting to feel muscle instead. I…


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Day 49: Couple of rough days but back on course and ready for success

Have had a couple of tough days but mostly because of some difficult situations. Finally got things going in the right direction. Have slept alot. For some reason when I have blood sugar issues it makes me drousy and it takes a few days to bounce back.

Thankful I don't work tonight. Don't go in until Thursday. I had just asked for more hours but probablly will not get them because of my percentage going down Sunday but I will just roll with the punches.

Everything is in Gods…


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Did this blog entry a couple of days ago, but was in a hurry, and didn't post it properly.

In a nutshell, I tried my upteenth bread recipe, and it turned out like crap.  I've tried all kinds of recipes from all kinds of raw food gurus, and they're all just awful.  It's the flax.  I hate it.  It's gross.  I've tried reducing the amount of flax in recipes, I've tried soaking them, not soaking them, grinding them, not…


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Day 48: Feeling better today

So much to my disliking, I finally had to eat something with sugar in it to get my headache to go away. I was reading an article on hypoglycemia and apparently when the blood sugar drops low the best way to get it back up is with something sugary without fat. However eating something with fat or protein helps to stablize it once you get it up.

I ended up eating some almond butter from Trader Joes that had sugar added along with choc and that did the trick. Within a few minutes the…


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Day 47: Moving onward

So its Monday, I am feeling tired. Had some issues last night at work. Went to long without eating and had a drop in blood sugar. Not good. Feeling really exhausted this morning and that is always the way I feel when this happens.Not sure why. I did not eat until 8 at work and apparently my body thought it was too long since lunch.

For some reason when this happens, I get cold, headache and foggy head and sick to my stomach. Still feeling a bit sick this morning.

So I am going…


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Day 46: The second half of my 90 day detox begins!

So today I am resolved to not over eat on fat. It is necessary that I stick with this so that my body will continue releasing and burning stored fat. I feel really good about the progress I am making. I am  down  3 inches in my torso just under the bra line, three inches in the waste. 2 inches in the hips and 2 inches in my thigh.

That is progress! Not going to even entertain the idea stepping on the scale until Day 60 and Day 90. However I will not post my weight. As I have said…


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Day 45: Busy day with garage sale

Did not have a perfect day. I always know if I don't plan ahead, I get hungry and eat things off plan. So it was not horrible but not my usual good food day. Kind of dissappointed in myself. But tomorrow is a new day and I am just going to roll with the punches here. I did have an amazing salad for dinner but when I went to the produce stand to get more things it was closed already so I am out of supplies...never good.

So tired. long hot day in Missouri humid weather. Did sale alot of…


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Day 44: Almost half way now to my 90 day journey.

Of course when this 90 days is up, I will continue with my healthy habits. But the 90 days is significant because it is a matter of establishing healthy habits and a positive mental attitude. I believe journaling helps to keep me focused and on track and conscious of the changes going on. It allows me to slow down my life abit, take time to think, and embrace life.Today is going to be a day to embrace some sun and get my Vit D on. Looking forward to soaking it in this afternoon. It is…


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Day 43: Tired from work but did better with my food last night.

I told my supervisor that I have hypoglycemia and need to eat at certain times so they allowed me to go to dinner earlier last night. Went to eat at 6:45 pm and then took just 15 mins and saved my other 15 for a break later. It worked well for me. I just divided up salad and veggies in two portions and it was a much more pleasant night.

I don't have this issue so much when I am not working till midnight. I can just go to bed and that solves the problem.

When I got home I drank…


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Day 42: Seeing inches going away.

This is kind of nice. I am seeing a couple inches gone from my torso and waist. Also an inch and a half from my leg.

Still thinking I don't want to weigh because of it demotivating me. I think I will stick with my plan to continue staying off the scale and only go by measurements and how my clothees are feeling.

Lots of decisions to make in my life right now. Trying to really think things over and make wise decisions. Praying about things and that God will open the doors I need…


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How To Make a Low Fat Raw Vegan Mango Tomato Asian Pear Pie.

How To Make a Low Fat Raw Vegan Mango Tomato Asian Pear Pie.

3, 3, 3, (min, ingredients, time eaten)

5/6 stars (whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic,…

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Celebrate the small victories

Today was one of those days that got away from me.  I didn't have time to properly prepare last night, so this morning I was rushing around packing my daughter's lunches & snacks, and trying to pack my own as well.  (They can't be the same - her camp is nut-free and my diet is nuts aplenty.)  

I usually take a green smoothie to have in the morning as my mid-morning snack.  Didn't have time to whip one up, so I took a bottle of rejuvelac instead.  Had a lunch meeting today…


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Day 41: feeling much better after a day of self care/my routine

Yesterday I took the day off and caught up on laundry and then took a break in the sun and in my hammack for about an hour and a half. It was awesome soaking up the sun! Totally re-energized me after the stressful weekend. Amazing how my spirit was calmer and I was more relax

My Daily routine:

Drink two glasses of water when I get up

Coffee enema on days that I am doing those(not doing them every day anymore) I only do them if I am feeling detox symptoms so it varies as…


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Day 40: Getting enough rest and taking time to nourish your soul

Feeding your body with good food is one thing, but it is just as important to feed your mind with good things, allowing your body the needed rest to heal and repair and nourishing your spirit by alone time are also important.

For me getting out in nature is my best solace for a wounded spirit. It refreshes my soul, puts me back into haromony with good feelings and grounds me. So that is exactly what I did this past weekend. I headed for the country where my folks live and took off my…


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Day 39: Emotional detox and difficult people

Feeling irritable and emotional. Don't want to deal with difficult people and at times I have no choice. For the most part I try to avoid these types of people but given the nature of life, we all have them to deal with sometimes, sometimes we are even those difficult people! When I am feeling like that I know it is a sign I need to get away from people and head for the woods and nature. Animals are amazing at dissipating this type of thing as well. No words need be spoken and communication…


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114-Day Juice Fast: DAY 17 - No inhaler in 5 days!

Hey guys, 

Still going strong. Lost 31 pounds so far. Nothing but juice and smoothies. I turn 40 in 98 days. 

The big news to report is that I'm no longer using my inhaler. About a year and a half a go I came down with something and still not sure exactly what it was - allergies, perhaps, but allergies had never been an issue prior to this. Anyway, I started having problems breathing. I would wheeze and cough and sneeze - to the point that there were many nights that I…


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Realization at the grocery store

Ran to the grocery store to pick up a few quick things.  It occurred to me that I spend most of my time in the produce area, and I'm buying fewer & fewer things anywhere else.  Used to be a grocery store trip could take up to an hour, but now, it's 15 minutes or less.  I usually head to the organic section, and then whatever I can't find there, I'll get in the regular section.  Then I'll grab a few things elsewhere, like aluminum foil,…


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So life has been crazy..but my eating has not. I just moved from my home state of Louisiana and left my family for New Mexico. Finally found a great job that I love and I am happy. Missing my family and friends like crazy but Skype has helped a lot. Lots and lots of places to enjoy nice walks here so that's a plus. I have not weighed lately, going to weigh in December, but this year has been amazing. I am about 90 percent raw right now. I eat fruit for lunch and dinner. Oatmeal for…


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