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About Me: (at least a couple of sentences; ex: family, interests, hobbies, favorite quote, personal mission statement, etc
Hi hi, I'm a raw foodie, mostly vegan but I do include some raw honey, grassfed milk & cheese, raw free-range eggs and occasionally raw fish. I'm a Buddhist and grad student in psychology. I'm gay and since I've been feeling so fabulous on raw I've started dating again :)

At the 51 day mark of going raw I am down to a size XL t-shirt instead of 3X, which I consider a true miracle. Especially since I have never been able to lose more than a few pounds before in my life no matter what I tried. At day 67, I am down 48 pounds and able to walk up to 7.2 miles with no difficulty ;D As of 11/23/11, I am down 58 pounds and seem to be holding steady now at about ten pounds a month ;D

People have asked what I eat in a day. Three important points: One, I eat as many cultured foods as possible because skinny people have better gut flora (no coincidence). Two, I follow Dr. Mercola's nutritional type suggestions for "mixed type" but I modified his plan myself for raw. The most important thing for my type is keeping the fructose consumption low. I don't eat more than 2 pieces of fruit per day, usually much less (not counting cucumbers and tomatoes!). I highly, highly recommend looking into his types. ***I DON'T RECOMMEND EATING HOW I'M EATING UNLESS YOU ARE ALSO A MIXED TYPE!*** Three, I buy organic at least 90% of the time (would buy everything organic if possible) and I never, ever buy anything that carries a risk of being a frankenfood (search Dr. Mercola's site for tips on avoiding GMOs).

I eat pretty much the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch every day because that's how I like it and it keeps things simple.

Breakfast - 1 cup green juice (Usually I make 4 days' worth of it at once, using 4 large cucumbers and one green apple, but sometimes I throw other veggies in)

Lunch - Kim Chi (that I make and ferment myself) on a sprouted grain wrap. I put various toppings or sometimes none.

Dinner. Whatever raw things I feel like eating or preparing. Sometimes fancy, sometimes not. Often it is an epic salad with whatever raw toppings. Whatever my dinner is I sprinkle it liberally with unrefined sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and cold-pressed oil.

Snack: Every few days I have kefir or yogurt that I make myself out of humane, grass-fed, low heat pasteurized milk (I prefer raw but can't get it at the moment). I also love GT's raw organic green kombucha but I only have it a couple times a month.

Oh yeah, and DESSERT! I make raw cookies or ice cream usually.

I eat as much as I want of everything and am not the slightest bit deprived. The hard part was cutting down the sugar and getting rid of the SAD food cravings the first two weeks. Now I am pretty damn happy with my relationship to food :) Hope that helps someone else!
How did you hear about our community?
What dietary interests do you have? (clean eating, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, weight loss, etc?)
What is your motivation for joining Real Food Rehab? (moral support, education, recipes, inspiration, fitness tips, etc.)
Meeting cool people
RFR Oath: I acknowledge that everyone is at a different point along their health & wellness journey and I will respect the individual progress and needs of others as they make lifestyle choices and changes of their own. I promise to do my best to keep this community drama free, and solicitation free. I understand that posting inappropriate material, personal attacks, personal or business solicitations or spamming of any kind can result in administrative action and/or removal from this community. I pledge to be respectful even if I do not agree with another member's opinion. Agreed?

Basil's Blog

Raw results @ 67 days

Posted on October 11, 2011 at 9:14am 16 Comments

I got the official weigh-in from my doctor today: 23 pounds lighter since the last visit, for a total of 48 pounds lost since Aug 1st.


I think it would actually be more but I seem to be gaining muscle in my legs. I've been walking A LOT! Most days I walk at least 1 mile, and many days 3 miles, but I made it to 7.2 miles one day last week! That is a miracle considering that in the very recent past I sometimes felt as if I would not be able to make it from one end of the…


Learned an important lesson yesterday

Posted on September 29, 2011 at 1:08pm 8 Comments

Yesterday I was feeling really great so I walked 3 miles instead of my usual 1 mile. I wasn't hungry at dinner so I just ate a handful of lettuce, thinking I would eat more of something later. Then I took a hot shower... and I almost passed out. I've never had that happen before in my life... I started seeing stars, lol. I'm thinking it was low blood sugar. Fortunately my son was able to pass me a cup of juice through the door and save me from passing out naked in the bathroom. That would…


Raw results @ 51 days

Posted on September 25, 2011 at 1:01pm 27 Comments

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been busy writing a lot. I'm now at almost two months of raw (and never looking back!!). I've not weighed myself and am avoiding my doctor because she chastises me about "losing weight too fast" (Ha!), but I know it's over 50 pounds now because I thrift shopped some new sweaters yesterday and by the love of all that is Holy, I fit into XL size ;D Down from 3X to XL in 2 months... I wouldn't have believed it if anyone told me that was…


Best raw recipe I've made so far... Raw Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Posted on September 2, 2011 at 7:38pm 22 Comments

Well I have to say this was so far the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, at least in recent memory. My kid loved it too and swore it tasted like there was meat in it (I didn't think it tasted like meat, but kind of like taking a bite out of heaven :D). Neither of us had ever tasted a parsnip before, but it was quite good even before I put it into the recipe. I think I will have to double or triple this next time.



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At 3:09pm on May 27, 2012, Susan : ) said…

Come take the RFR Mansion Tour!  

Click here for each room's index!

At 7:09am on January 1, 2012, Susan : ) said…

.....choice by choice, day by day – you will see positive changes.   : )

At 11:28am on October 15, 2011, Brandi! said…
Thanks Basil! I will look into his website today! Your information has definatly helped me already! :) Thank you!!! :)
At 3:39pm on October 12, 2011, Brandi! said…
Hi Basil Thank you for your comment on Lyza's post about The Blood Type diet book. I'll definatly be looking into that. I want to be raw vegan sooo bad. The only positive influence for this lifestyle that I have is the members on this website. Everyone in my touchable world has always got a negative comment towards the lifestyle, and although I am constanstly trying to learn more, am not always prepared for what they have to say.
At 3:58pm on September 26, 2011, Sally R said…
Basil, it looks like you have found a great eating formula for yourself! Congrats!
At 1:39am on August 22, 2011, Eve said…

Hi Basil, you have my Brother's name except his real name is Vasilios. Are you Greek also?


At 3:22pm on August 21, 2011, Mango♥Luvr said…
Basil - thanks for the reference to Dr. Mercola.  I will definitely check that out. I agree with Lyza; you seem very cool and enlightened for someone so young.  That's so refreshing!  I love your name "Basil" reminds of an old actor named Basil Rathbone.
At 11:49pm on August 20, 2011, Joe Best said…
glad you enjoyed mate
At 12:37pm on August 20, 2011, L. said…
Thanks for adding me, Basil!!! :)  You seem super cool too!!

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