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Uza left a comment for Earth Mother
"Are you still around? sUZAnne"
Apr 15
Kelli replied to Earth Mother's discussion Making + Harvesting Water Kefir in the group The Culinary Center
"I have some cultures on order. Can't wait to try my hand at kefir."
Feb 3, 2014
June Dean replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"Good question Clint.  I do not know so I won't guess... I'm eating cultured turmeric right now.  YUM... Just a bit of brine and whey with fresh cut up turmeric.  I make a mint/ginger tea and add a few slices in each…"
Mar 26, 2013
Clint Decker replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"Does anyone know if fresh squeezed organic lemons in water throughout the day kills beneficial bacteria? I know it's antibacterial, but wasn't sure if it damages the good stuff as well."
Mar 26, 2013
June Dean replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"Thank you.  I'm reaching out for water kefir source now.  But now that I have healthy milk kefir I'm going to keep it:)"
Nov 16, 2012
Earth Mother replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"Great question, June. Milk kefir grains and water kefir grains are comprised of different organisms (ie. bacteria). However,  milk kefir grains can be converted to make water kefir but not visa versa. It's a pretty involved and lengthy…"
Nov 16, 2012
Earth Mother replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"As often as you like, Rebecca. The more you eat, the healthier your gut will become. "
Nov 16, 2012
Earth Mother replied to Earth Mother's discussion Raw Cultured Vegetables in the group The Kitchen - Recipe Central
"Absolutely, Olga. Enjoy! "
Nov 16, 2012

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So if I'm not in the Garden, you can usually find me hiking in the woods

or down by the river.

I enjoy sitting out back in the evenings. Join me for some good conversation

and a beautiful sunset.

I'll bring the green smoothies!

And, you can always find me serving up culinary delights and healthy insights,

In The Raw

In The Raw

In The Raw

A Fond Farewell

I've had what you might call a challenging month here.

First, I had to wrap my head around the shocking news that a dear friend chose to take his own life. Then I had to make the heart wrenching decision to end another friend's life, with dignity – a four-legged-2,000-pound friend – who'd been with me for more than half of my own life.

Still grieving my departed friends, another, very-much-alive one, sat me down and broke the news that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Knock me over with a feather!

To say that it's felt like my world, and my insides, have been whirling like that Dervish pictured above, would be an understatement.

But listen, I tell you all this not to have you join me in some oh-woe-is-me pity party. Nope. I share this with you because I have not looked to food for a fix, nor for comfort. I know. Really. Hello?

If you've been around the block with me a few times, you'll recall how this whole journey into Raw Food Land began. And if you're a recently acquired hitchhiker I've picked up along the way, let me fill you in.

Two years ago, my life could be summed up like so:

Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. 
But I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies.

Yup, that would've been me. Only, I didn't just placate her with cookies. Cheeseburgers, French fries, and chocolate shakes were my drugs of choice. I was the Queen of the Drive-Thru Windows, minus the tiara and scepter. And, like any good addict, I had lost the ability to set limits and boundaries for myself.

See, I was a compulsive eater. I didn't eat in response to signs of hunger. I celebrated with food, mourned with food. I used food for pleasure, for comfort, for reward. I turned to food when I was sad, hurt, angry, bored and lonely. I had forgotten that eating had anything to do with being hungry. Food was the glue that held my life together.

So a little over two years ago, I set an intention to change my relationship with food and regain my health and vitality. A big goal, yes, but I was morbidly obese, tipping the scales at 300+ pounds, and plagued by a host of chronic ailments. Still, my intention had little to do with the number on the scale. I wanted to find freedom from mindless compulsive eating, whatever my weight. I wanted to begin living a healthier lifestyle that was more in alignment with my core beliefs.

That Was Then. This Is Now.

I've lost over half of my body weight, and in the process, have found myself.

I've managed to sort out my intimate, and rather complicated, relationship with food.

I've found a healthy balance between getting the nutrition my body needs and enjoying my meals mindfully.

And, I've gotta tell you, eating a plant-based diet, rich in raw living foods, has really helped me do all this.

Sure, it's easy to forget, as we indulge in a Mocha Frappuccino or inhale a burger in the car, that food is energy and it fills more than our stomachs. It feeds our brains, our hearts and our spirits.

It really is all connected. When I began to see that my physical hunger was capable of being fulfilled, I could begin to allow that same possibility for my emotional hunger. Once I learned to nourish my body, I discovered that I was spiritually nourished as well. Imagine.

A Fond Farewell

Ah, the cycle of life...it ebs, and it flows. And sometimes, you get thrown a curve ball, or three. We get shocking news that knocks us off our feet. We have to say goodbye to loved ones who have chosen to move on.

And, well friends, that's just what I need to do now. After much consideration, I've made the decision to let go of In The Raw. It's served as a wonderful venue to chart my progress, share my journey, and more than a few recipes, along the way. But it's also become increasingly difficult for me to keep up and has begun to feel more like a burden and just one more item on my ever-growing Things-To-Do list (an item that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list).

We're here for joy. If it's not fun, don't do it.

I had someone recently refer to me as "a leader in the raw food community." I dunno, I never thought myself an authority on anything. I was just a voice in the crowd. But I've witnessed too many folks in the community who've just abandoned their blogs, stopped updating, without so much as a goodbye. And I didn't want to do the same.

So before taking my leave, if there's any last wisdom to be gleaned from my journey that I might impart to you, dear readers, it would be this:

Take time each day to tune into your physical body and ask it what it needs. Treat it as a dear friend, rather than your worst enemy, and just as you will find with human beings, you'll receive far more cooperation from that which you love, than that which you hate. Your bodies have an intelligence all their own that if you listen, will tell you exactly what you need on any given day.

Nurture yourself in the same way that you nurture others and bless everything you put into your body to provide you with the nourishment that you need to maintain your health and well being.

Love both the food you eat and the Earth it comes from.

I have loved being a part of your life. Thank you for being a part of mine.


UPDATE: Yikes, my Inbox overfloweth! Yes, I will leave the site up so you will still have access to all of the articles + recipes. Please, enjoy and share.

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At 6:09pm on April 15, 2015, Uza said…

Are you still around? sUZAnne

At 7:18pm on March 26, 2012, Sandra Hughins said…

Thank you Earth Mother for the awesome Marinated Quinoa Salad!  I am feasting on it as I type and it is soooo good!

At 4:55pm on January 29, 2012, Ayn said…

Was just thinking of you and wishing you well!

At 7:59am on July 20, 2011, Go Go Green Grannie <3 <3 <3 said…

Goodmorning EM, Thank you for allowing me to be your friend, Yes this place is amazing.

Its so what I needed in my life, I food eating raw through a book by Alyssa Cohen, then I was lost. This place is so me and what I want to be raw :)) Thank you.....Wow are all those pics recipes you have made? wow wow wow

At 4:24pm on June 6, 2011, Silmiriel said…
Thanks so much for adding me to your friends!  I hope your birthday was wonderful!  I am really enjoying reading some of your old blog posts and appreciate your continuing to make it available, even though you're not blogging there anymore.  Your recipes are awesome!  Thanks again, and have a wonderful week!  :)  ~ Mary
At 4:04pm on June 6, 2011, Susan : ) said…
YOU are LOVED!! : )
At 3:55pm on June 5, 2011, Treesa said…

Boy do I miss you and your blog.


Hope your birth-on-earth day is a wonderful start to a great new year for you. Happy Birthday. All love...

At 3:23pm on June 5, 2011, Silmiriel said…
Happy Birthday!  :)
At 7:08am on June 5, 2011, Hot Ta-Molly said…
Happy Birthday, Earth Mother.
At 7:11am on June 1, 2011, Susan : ) said…
At 9:35pm on May 1, 2011, Emily said…
Hi!  Penni just bumped up a discussion (I think it's over two years old) and you were the first to respond -- I *loved* what you said. It was all about creating ceremony and ritual. You mentioned that this is a tool you use and have even taught. Do you have any recommendations on books, websites, teachers...any way to learn more about this?  I had a very strong intuition that this is something that will help me!  I really do not have any conscious rituals, or participated in any ceremonies, but I bet my Capricorn Moon would *love* to have some.   I want to honor my intentions in some way... I think it might help.
At 12:40pm on April 4, 2011, Claire Humphreys said…
I am praying ( well chanting - I am a Buddhist) for you for to sense the eternity of life and the deep connection you share with the beings that are no longer here. I am chanting for your Mum too - to be healthier than she has ever been before. Thank you so much for sharing your heart - it is valuable beyond compare x
At 5:12pm on April 2, 2011, WendySmiling (Wendy Campbell) said…
Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us. I wish you peace in the difficult time. ((huggs)).
At 9:59am on March 28, 2011, Linda Ann said…
Sorry that you have to go thru this, now.  You know that people who love us the most can direct alot of misdirected anger towards us, because they know we love them unconditionally.  I hope you mother gets better and both of you can have some stablity in health and in you day to day life.  You are a strong cookie and You are #1 in my book! 
At 8:29am on March 27, 2011, Linda Ann said…
Thought of you today!  Hope everything for you is going well :)
At 9:27pm on March 7, 2011, Raven Taylor said…

Hello Earth Mother,

I don't know if you are still visiting RFR but it lookslike you might be... You posted recipes for cucumber Kimchi and a couple of others with directions following them... They sound delicious to me and was thinking of making them but am not sure how to go about it and was looking for direction... They were posted way back in 2009 and so if you could please drop me a line with directions on how to make or what to do??!?! 

New RAW Foodie with lots and lots to lose... another 145 pounds...

:  ) Raven

At 1:13pm on January 30, 2011, Lola said…
Hi Earth Mother! I really enjoy looking at all your gorgeous raw food pics!
I've also been reading thru your blog & really love it! Very inspiring & helpful!
It really resonates with me.
So glad you kept it up for people to still read.

Blessings, Lola
At 5:48pm on December 31, 2010, River Song said…
Wishing you the best New Years ever!
At 9:41pm on December 25, 2010, Lauren said…
Merry Christmas em! I hope you have a wonderful one! Sending you so much love and warm wishes! P.s. Ginger was insulted you forgot her in that Christmas wish! Lol!
At 8:57pm on December 25, 2010, Linda Ann said…
Merry Christmas Earth Mother.  Thank you for thinking of me.  I hope this season gives you peace and harmony.  I know this year has not been easy for you but know that in time balance will be with you.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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