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Raw Pad Thai Salad

I recently made a version of my original raw pad thai salad with some ingredients I had on hand. I found some kelp noodles locally which was kind of exciting. So instead of the coconut noodles - I use the kelp noodles. It honestly would have been fine without them tho.

So the julienned vegetables are carrots, zucchini, red bell pepper and then there is finely shredded purple cabbage and thinly sliced button mushrooms. I marinated all those veggies in a blend of some low sodium tamari, lime juice, coconut nectar, ginger and jalapeño.

After it marinated about 15 minutes I tossed that together with some spinach, chopped cilantro & fresh mint. I drained any extra liquid - plated it and then drizzled a little almond chili sauce over the top.

So this is a great recipe if you're trying to stay totally raw, especially in the winter, because the heat of the jalapeño is subtle, but it warmed me up nicely. And my husband cleaned his plate - so there you have it.


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Comment by Ruchira on February 28, 2014 at 1:51pm

Yummy .................

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