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Hello! Has anyone had any success with raw vegan friendly ways to remineralize teeth? I currently have a cavity and DO NOT want to have a mercury filling. I'd rather have my tooth pulled, but my top preference would be to remineralize and heal the tooth. I've found out about non-vegan methods but would prefer not to have to eat cow heart or liver. I'm not opposed to fermented cod liver oil...oddly. Thanks in advance green lovers! :)

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I have heard doing oil pulling before and how it is very healthy for your gums, perhaps it also helps with cavities. I know that the oil recommended for this is cold organic sesame oil. I would look into this and see if it may be of help. Best of luck!

thank you!!

 Hi I know this is an old post but I would recommend not pulling your tooth.  I did that with 4 of my teeth and now in hindsight, I wish I had not.   Not only does it expose your surviving teeth to loosing gum area, it also puts strain on them.  Your teeth will accustom to the loss of teeth by coming closer together and in later life if you decide to get implants, there will not be room or existing gum tissue.  If you want to pull the tooth, go ahead and have the space filled with either a bridge or an implant.   Strangely the loss of teeth also cause your face to have extra wrinkles around the mouth.  and I would second the use of oil pulling- I use coconut oil

Deborah, thanks so much for all the great information! I never realized there was so much to consider. I ended up utilizing the non-vegan protocol for as long as I could (it made me uncomfortable) and also oil pulling then I went in and found out that my cavity was gone but the hole remained. The dentist was concerned because it was accumulating food so she filled it with composite. I'm so grateful for the information you shared because it will certainly help in the future for myself and my family. :) Blessings!
Recently read an E-book called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. Very interesting about how to get calcium into you bones and teeth and not into your veins and soft tissue. I tried remineralizing my teeth and except for helping with a sensitive tooth area it never really re mineralized. Maybe I am K2 deficient. Started taking K2 and D3 with other cofactors vitamins and I' be curios as to how it affects my teeth.

Interesting! I have had calcium deposits in my skin. I had to have one removed from underneath my eyelid because it scratched my eyeball. I'll have to take a look at that book. Thanks for sharing! ;)

The best information that I have come across is to start a regimen of raw milk and vitamin D, sprouted grains, and calcium hydroxyapatite. My husband and I had the beginnings of cavities and my enamel is worn away. We started drinking the raw milk 1 gallon a week for the both of us (i buy 2 gallons every other week), almost 8 wks ago and we have seen an improvement. I imagine if we drank more than that the changes would be faster but we are limiting our dairy intake. I personally don't care for milk but have seen the improvements in my own teeth to warrant drinking it- especially raw milk- ie unpasteurized, homogenized. Since you are a raw vegan I doubt you care, but limiting the consumption of processed grains and switching to sprouted grain breads, crackers, and cereals is also part of our regimen and it has made a difference too. I eat more raw food than my husband and so I have switched him over to sprouted grains.


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