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Random Scarring On Face & Twitching/Prickling Sensations All Over Body (Please Help!)

I've scoured the Internet for those websites where you can ask medical professionals for help, but realized all of them required you to pay if a doctor actually responds....I guess nothing is free. I've reached out on multiple health type forums to no avail - the only place I've seen a large number of responses from is the Essential Day Spa Forum, where many people have come forward concerned about the same symptoms as I've been experiencing ( I figured coming on here was also a good idea (the more people, the better, right?) since via Google Search, I came across Laurie's post from 3 years back (, which shares a few similarities to my conditions. I recognize her from's forums as well.

Pretty much, since March, I have had a plethora of odd and disturbing things happening to my skin. I've come across many various posts on different forums ( and EDS, as mentioned) with people who seem to have experienced similar symptoms as I have, but all these threads ended up dying out with no continued discussion. So this is just my experience: 

Near the end of March, I noticed random pockmarks and thin indented lines forming all over my face. From April to July, I've gone to 4 dermatologists or so for answers, all of whom have been unable to give me a proper diagnosis. The first thing Google and told me was some rare scarring disease called AMVC (atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis), but none but one of the dermatologists I visited had heard of this disease before - the one that had heard of it assured me I didn't have it and that there was debate among dermatologists whether such a disease actually exists. I had a bloodtest done for autoimmune disorders (Lupus, scleroderma, etc.) as well as 2 skin scrapings done for fungal/yeast infection and scabies/parasite testing, all of which came back negative. Normally, this would be good news to any average person, but to me, it just meant there was no explanation for what I had going on. The scarring would happen every week, meaning every week when I looked in the mirror, I would notice a new dent or some damage of a sort. You can imagine how depressed I became due to all this, esp since I am someone who cares about his looks and appearance a lot. It's been tough as hell for me on this journey, but it doesn't end there.

Aside from my face, around that same time in March, I noticed I started forming a bunch of horizontal lines all over my knees. I initially didn't take it too seriously since I'm quite lacking on body care (I don't exfoliate or moisturize regularly). Also, I have always been a runner, but didn't run for most of my time in college. I picked up running regularly again in February or so, so I thought perhaps these lines were associated with runner's lines or whatever marks people online have been labeling such phenomena as....I even thought they were possibly stretch marks. However, one of the dermatologists I went to found these lines to be very peculiar and suggested I go in for allergy testing; another dermatologist I went to said the lines were Langer's lines, particularly lines of tension (and she said they absolutely were not stretch marks). However, I've searched up Langer's lines like mad all over the Internet and have not been able to come across any helpful information - only stuff I've seen is that they are natural lines surgeons use to guide them in surgical procedures. The dermatologist who told me they were Langer's lines said with regular exfoliation and moisturizing, the lines should fade...I've been regularly doing both for about 2 months now and have seen no improvement. I went to a dermatologist at UCLA in July but she wasn't able to figure what these lines were either. Also, In part of my lower leg (knees sometimes, too) and on my arms, I'll sometimes notice random dents either jagged or linear that'll randomly appear out of nowhere, but will completely disappear within 2-3 hours.

To make things worse, in April, I started experiencing random twitching and prickling sensations all over my body. As mentioned, a skin scraping was done to test for scabies or bugs, and I also took Ivermectin just for safety measures, but the sensations have not stopped. I went to an allergist upon the recommendation of one of the dermatologists I visited, who felt everything I was experiencing could be related to some bizarre allergy of a sort. He put me on Zyrtec for 2 weeks, but the symptoms have not gone away. Along with my blood test for autoimmune disorders, I was also tested for B12 deficiency, which is usually a key cause of odd prickling sensations on the skin, but I was negative for this as well.

I know what I'm experiencing may be trivial to some, but it's definitely caused me unimaginable depression. Yes, it's such a superficial thing to be bothered about, but when it's something regarding your face, and worst - something no medical professional has been able to help with, you cannot imagine the distress and anxiety it can cause. And the fact that your face is seemingly deteriorating every week...the horror is unimaginable. The prickling sensations don't help, either. I feel I'm alone and suffering from some unknown disease or something that no one can help me with. Dermatologists have been helpless and I've given up on reaching out to dermatologists. I know for sure after reaching out on EDS that I'm definitely not the only one suffering from this, and that many people are having these issues, but with no help.

This week, I reached out to a naturopathic doctor in my area, and through a free phone consultation, he suggested I go in to see him and he could try figuring out internally if some imbalance or weird reaction is causing all this - unfortunately, naturopathy is not covered by insurance, so I'd have to pay a pricey amount to go in to see this guy. At this point, I have to bite the bullet and see what he can do because I've come to the point where I don't even see myself living my life anymore. I'm helpless. I don't want to believe that it's AMVC since there's little evidence of it (although case studies are easily accessible via a quick Google search), I don't think this could be Morgellon's since I don't exhibit most of the symptoms, and we know from my tests that this isn't the work of some bug or parasite/infection. I'm just so frustrated.

I decided to attach the pictures as files instead of inserting them into the actual post just because sizes and my attempts to resize were distorting the reader friendliness of my post. Please believe me when I say that there is more than what the face scar picture shows - I have many small pore-connecting like lines and random pits that have formed all throughout my face.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions or experiences or just anything that will help me, please do help. I'm at a breaking point. Thanks.

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I just read your post. I don't have any similar experience, I do want to encourage you - don't give up. And as best you can keep your thoughts and feelings going in a positive direction. Affirm - 'there is a solution to this and I am finding it' and/or 'it is my body's natural tendency to heal. I accept my perfect healing now',  ' I love and appreciate myself, my body and my appearance reflect the love that I am'.  Affirmation of the positive, down shifting from the stress in any way that you can - meditation and relaxation - activating your intuitive guidance towards the highest and best. I am sending you good energy for your quest for answers, solutions and ease in the process. Blessings.

Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me at this point in my life.

I trust that you will get through this and it will somehow turn to blessing.  

The naturopath I reached out to responded to me and I will see him in the afternoon on Monday, so I'll report back what he says. I'm in contact with another individual who, along with her 2 children, are suffering from the same issue as I am (minus the prickling and tingling sensations). I have yet to hear back from her though, as she supposedly saw a naturopath on Friday.

Is there really no one who can help? I was hoping I'd find some help on this website.

The naturopath I saw wasn't able to really help...he said I could try metal detoxing since I told him I had a lot of fish for about 7 months or so prior to the random scarring. But he put a lot of emphasis on stress and my home environment  and wasn't able to help too much. The mother I've been contact with told me her naturopath told her to detox as well, but through my emails with her the past month, she's seeing no improvement in her own skin as well as that of her children's. I'm personally seeing no improvement either - I continue to have random small pitted scars and indented lines forming on my face and my twitching and prickling sensations have not subsided either.

I strongly suggest you go to your dentist and have your teeth checked for cracks.Tapping the teeth will give you the info you want.  I know this sounds goofy but do it anyway. Cracks cannot be seen, can often be felt by you when chewing, and then ignored. Infection brews under the surface and leaches into your system causing some of the most peculiar symptoms including those you describe. I became very ill during 2007 with no explination. No one could figure it out and mid 2008 my dentist found I had a cracked tooth. Infection was leaching into my mastoid behind my left ear effecting my whole body. I had the tooth removed and my health began to change for the better. This infection affected my entire upper left side interior and took me about two and a half years to completely recover. (Of course, stress and losing everything because I was ill was in no way a contributing factor to the length of healing time! hahahaha)


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