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Hello friends, It's been quite a while since I've checked in with the 'Hab. I have been high-raw for over 4 years and up until recently have enjoyed all of the benefits of abundant energy, good health, clear mind and more.  In the past month or so I have felt sort of 'flu-ish' but not having the flu - and I seem to simply be profoundly fatigued. I sleep fully through the night, but wake up feeling like I could use another 8 hours  - my face looks puffy and my brain is foggy.  The one health 'complaint' I've had is a broken tooth - which I have postponed taking care of. I imagine that it is possible that the tooth issue has become more global and is the culprit. I plan to get into a clinic for extraction next week. Meanwhile I am receiving acupuncture to see if that can assist my system to regain energy and re-boot.   

I'm posting here to see if anyone may have experienced similar while on high-raw. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years - so i am not open to suggestions that are other than plant based.

I've been drinking tonics with turmeric and medicinal mushrooms, also sea veggies.

Any thoughts you may have on this, I'd love to hear from you.

Feeling discouraged about this - and a tiny bit worried.



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You have prayers coming your way across the miles from the Midwest too! ❤️

thank you so much - I gratefully receive!!

today i did my customary dance practice - in which I usually express very high energy. I paced myself and stayed with it, had some wonderful bursts of energy - and am feeling pretty good. Better. Is it possible that just starting the Vitamin D has begun the turn-around? I am certainly open to the possibility that it is something that simple.

And I am grateful that i have a diagnostic appointment coming up.

Blessings to you, Joni 

finally, I am getting back to all of your dear ones who posted in reply to my question. My blood levels are fantastic- thyroid function perfect, cholesterol where it should be, B-12 within good range. And voila - very low Vitamin D - aha! Just as Penni suspected. I feel much relieved - and am taking the supplement in a spray form that his high dose and has a very pleasant taste. On the preventive side - I am also amping up my immune support with medicinal mushroom tonic, turmeric and other elements.  The other blessing in this is that I am now in the 'system' for health services on a sliding scale basis. I am so not a doctor-going kind of person, but when it's needed it's so fabulous to have access!

Thank you all so much for your wisdom, and loving support. 


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