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I have been dealing with non-alcoholic  pancreatitis since January. I am juicing beets, string beans and brussel sprouts along with carrot, cucumber celery and ginger root. I am eating lots of salads and dehydrated vegetables like eggplant (I like the best for a cracker substitute), squashes and sweet potato (sweet potato chips didn't come out like I had hoped).  I do great until I add in any fat or cooked vegetables.  I know raw is best and I think I would be perfectly happy eating this way except it is hard coming up with recipes that do not have nuts or fruits in them.  I can have lemons and limes and I also add a small apple to my juice sometimes but too much makes me bloated.  I can eat like a 1/4 cup of berries or cherries at a time but that is all.  I have to eat very small portions and eat early in the day. If anyone has any information that helped them or that they think might help it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks:)

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So sorry to hear that you have you have much pain?  My pug dog was diagnosed with this condition...we have to give her turkey breast, sweet potatoes and white potatoes...she had a lot of pain.  I don't know the difference between humans and dogs pancreatitis, but I do know it is not nice to have....My thoughts are with you.

Hello Karen,

Thank you for your reply. I feel more pressure than pain. I have been to the doctor and had and ultrasound and blood work. They could not find anything wrong with my gallbladder or my pancreas. They even checked a cancer marker too and it all came back good. I am still convinced it is my pancreas in some way. I feel for your dog:( I have been told it can be excruciating at times. I have been very fortunate. I do not eat meat and would be very reluctant to try it because I had a flare up after eating shrimp one night also white potatoes caused some discomfort too. I know shrimp was not the best choice to begin with. The Doctor assumed it was fried shrimp and she was shocked when I told her it was boiled shrimp. Anyways I have been strict vegan ever since. Not even fish sauce which has been a staple in my recipes for years.   I'm still juicing and trying to eat as much raw as possible. I have a cooked food addiction which doesn't help when I feel good I tend to want to eat more cooked foods and then when it bothers me I go back to raw.  Raw, low fat and low fruit works best for me it is very hard to stay that strict.


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