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Hello everyone...

I'm back after a long absence and am hoping to get some help.  I've been dealing with (what I thought) was "just" fibromyalgia for the last several years.  However, over the last couple of years, and even more so in the past few months, I have develop a marked increase in painful lipomas (benign fatty tumors) all over my body. 

When searching for this "painful fat" syndrome, I was very saddened to discover that my symptoms fit the diagnosis of Dercum's Disease and Lipedema, auto-immune disorders which are often mistaken for fibromyalgia, at least in the early stages.  I won't have a firm diagnosis until I go to see a specialist at Stanford this summer, but in the mean time, I'm in severe pain and am looking for help.

I am returning to raw foods, because I did remember that the last time I was 100% raw for over 3 months (during the "Go Fresh" initiative in 2011), I noticed that my lipomas shrank, so I am hoping that starting a high-raw diet will help me, at least with my pain, if not losing weight.

Does anyone here have any experience with a high-raw or 100% raw diet for pain and inflammation?  I've fought the idea of going back to 100% raw because of the challenges I had sticking to it previously, but pain is a great motivator.  At this point, I'll do anything to be out of pain and have my life back.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you guys can give me.  :)

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You are strong and brave as you face these challenges Silmiriel. I send love and thoughts of healing and peace. I've been following and enjoying "Raw Food Romance" with Melissa

Have you watched Dr. Michael Greger's video reports of nutrition research on

I've been following and enjoying "Raw Food Romance" with Melissa Riamondi, and love the mind tips she gives, and her recipes are fabulous! I've purchased her 30 day meal plan and her Winter foods recipe book. Have you watched her talks?



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