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After extensive research over the past months, I've come to believe that a sluggish, over-worked, malfunctioning or fatty liver may very well be one of the biggest threats to our overall health. It may also be the reason that we are struggling with weight loss and a host of other perplexing symptoms. The good news is that the liver (and gallbladder) is the organ that has the very best regenerative abilities, so with the right nutritional approach, we can heal our liver and make a big difference in how we feel, metabolize our food, manage our weight and how strong our immunity is. Please take the time to watch these 2 very informative videos by Dr. Sandra Cabot, MD.

Dr Cabot talks about why the liver is so important in health and longevity. The liver is important for fat metabolism, cholesterol levels, weight control, blood cleanser, detroys toxic chemicals and removes unhealthy cells from the blood and protects the immune system.


Dr Cabot's books and liver support formula are all available through our RFR Amazon Store:

The Liver Cleansing Diet

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Excellent! : )
Oh wow, exactly what I needed to hear today. I am in the middle of an M.S. attack, my hands are bubbled with excema, raw and inflamed and although I walk daily and have been eating super healthy I am always fatigued and my belly roll from my babies won't go away. As soon as I am done nursing I will be doing a liver and candida cleanse! You rock Penni! Thank you for your research. I really appreciate it!
Thanks Penni! I have been interested in learning more about my liver. perfect timing :)
Thank you Penni~ordered the book just now! Just love those outstanding in their field!
That's it! I am getting a juicer. Any suggestions? The kind the doctor talks about? I got my vitamix on QVC on payments. I'll see if they have any juicers you all suggest. :)
Fascinating! I have been very interested in this subject. Thanks for posting!
Here is my best suggestion: The Omega (it's what I've used with great success for 3+ years)

KickinItRaw TheHealthyWay said:
That's it! I am getting a juicer. Any suggestions? The kind the doctor talks about? I got my vitamix on QVC on payments. I'll see if they have any juicers you all suggest. :)
I've been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and the liver is a very important organ in TCM. When it malfunctions, it can be correlated to breast cancer. When my mom & my sister passed away, during that time prior, I saw a lot of diseases going on in conjunction with specific organs like the liver. I was sad that the medical community did not embrace nutritional knowledge to share as part of their healing regimen. If you or someone you know is sick, consider knowledgable information from a nutritional doctor like Dr. Cabot. It is not all about prescription drugs, drinking cans of Ensure and eating jello. There is something radically wrong with our healthcare system promoting bad food consumption as being OK.

Dr. Cabot's videos are great and very informative. Her comments about herbs that are specific to liver cleansing are spot on. Thank you for informing us of this vital organ and how we can be proactive in our medicinal health.
Good info, thank you!
  I started Raw Foods cleanse a week ago.  I have been drinking a glass or 2 of water in the morning and then green smoothie for breakfast.  Prior to starting on Raw Foods, I would drink about 5-6 cups of coffee in the morning before leaving for work.  I have had no meat, cheese, or milk (all of those I had on regular basis previously).  Today, the area around my eyes  got yellow spots around it.  It was not there this morning though.  I am assuming this must be associated with my liver, any thoughts? 
I do feel OK.  I went to see my chirporactor and he checked my blood pressure and did acupuncture.  Did you, or someone you know, ever experienced any symptoms like that?
this is great. thank you so much!

This topic is of particular importance to me. Thank you for finding the video. I'm off to view her books now. 


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