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I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago. I have been rapidly getting up to speed on the issue and the solutions in the natural healing realm. I decided to step off of the fast moving train from the medical/allopathic recommendations and dive in to the means and methods for supporting the body's natural healing process.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way advising anyone to do any of these things, each and every one of us has the right and responsibility to choose according to our own inner authority the path of healing that is correct for us. I am gathering information for my journey and simply offer what i am finding as a loving resource should you choose to look into any of this.

now having said that,  here's a short list of what I've found so far - 

several of these are websites, and as such I won't share links ('Hab rules) but names and resources so that you can search and find on your own. 


Radical Remission - Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Kelly A. Turner, Phd -   a wonderful resource for anyone on this path - a well-researched and reader-friendly exploration of the 9 elements that folks in remission have engaged in to support healing. A well-balanced view - in that it's not all or nothing - some folks did a combination of medical and natural, others addressed their diagnosis solely with natural means. Anywhere that you may be on this spectrum you will find encouragement.

ChrisBeatCancer (.com)  information, resources, video testimonials from Chris Wark and others

TheTruthAboutCancer (.com)

Cancertutor (.com)  for multiple levels of information on the condition and ways to address it

upcoming series online:  Quest for the Cures - this series of interviews will begin on March 30th

a free online 'telesummit' on many related subjects from folks who are on the leading edge. You can search for this with the title and most likely will find it easily.

with much LOVE!


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what a GREAT PIC!!

Susan : ) said:

We are all gathered around YOU!!  :)

Hi Amahla and Starfire - thank you for your messages and for your inquiry. I am doing very well!  It has been a journey of exploration, discovery (inner and external factors) and intuitively stepping forth into the realms of healing and clarity as I am guided. I found a wonderful alternative clinic an hour away from where i live. I am receiving high dose Vit. C infusions along with a regimen of supplements. Fortunately my baseline,  as far as what I eat and how I live non-toxically, was already good. I have fine- tuned it with eliminating all sugar except for some fruit - cutting out coffee (good for some, not for me), and adding in lots of the good leafy-green, bright colored, vital foods. The periodic diagnostic testing has shown no progression, and very good profile of my immune system, nutritional foundation, and low levels for cancer markers etc. 

I feel energy returning and I am grateful for the healing allies I have found and for the support that is HERE in the Hab!

Love & Blessings to you all!

So glad to hear that!


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