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I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago. I have been rapidly getting up to speed on the issue and the solutions in the natural healing realm. I decided to step off of the fast moving train from the medical/allopathic recommendations and dive in to the means and methods for supporting the body's natural healing process.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way advising anyone to do any of these things, each and every one of us has the right and responsibility to choose according to our own inner authority the path of healing that is correct for us. I am gathering information for my journey and simply offer what i am finding as a loving resource should you choose to look into any of this.

now having said that,  here's a short list of what I've found so far - 

several of these are websites, and as such I won't share links ('Hab rules) but names and resources so that you can search and find on your own. 


Radical Remission - Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, Kelly A. Turner, Phd -   a wonderful resource for anyone on this path - a well-researched and reader-friendly exploration of the 9 elements that folks in remission have engaged in to support healing. A well-balanced view - in that it's not all or nothing - some folks did a combination of medical and natural, others addressed their diagnosis solely with natural means. Anywhere that you may be on this spectrum you will find encouragement.

ChrisBeatCancer (.com)  information, resources, video testimonials from Chris Wark and others

TheTruthAboutCancer (.com)

Cancertutor (.com)  for multiple levels of information on the condition and ways to address it

upcoming series online:  Quest for the Cures - this series of interviews will begin on March 30th

a free online 'telesummit' on many related subjects from folks who are on the leading edge. You can search for this with the title and most likely will find it easily.

with much LOVE!


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You are in my thoughts and prayers....I know that you can beat this!  :)  

You have the tools and know-how and the stamina!

thank you darling, Susan - you are such an angel to our community, and to me!

I appreciate your words of encouragement and faith - and I join in knowing that it is so!!



I am standing with you and will watch your positive progress and expect gooooood reports!  :)


Those are all good sites and there is so much to learn.   I also spend a lot of time reading e-books and paper books pertaining to all kinds of cancers.   I believe we have the ability to heal if we give our bodies what it needs to do it's job and that is to keep us healthy.  Last summer I had a physical and my breasts were really tender.  Within a couple months I had gone to get a thermography exam and there was inflammation in both breasts with concern voiced by the doctor who reviewed the images.  She stated I had a 'possible pathology' in my left breast.  I immediately started her recommendation of taking DIM or Indole 3C and my breasts lost their tenderness within days.  I had used it before during my menstruating years so that change was a no brainer for me.   I got a mammogram within two months and it came back 'normal'.  I read The Mammogram Myth and that got me thinking that I really want to know if they really are normal or did the mammogram  not find anything because it's not very accurate.  I got  to work on healing myself in ernest.  Vitamin D3, E, C, iodine, selenium, magnesium, were added to the DIM.  I even went to Puerto Rico for two weeks of wheat grass and energy soup at the Ann Wigmore Institute down there.  I came back sure I had it under control, and didn't take my supplements for a couple of weeks, the breast tenderness returned.

Back for another thermography, and sure enough the inflammation was still there, but from what I could see a little less redness.  I had ignored the second recommendation which was to  'balance my hormones'.  That had me scratching my head not knowing how to do that.  I tried some progesterone cream.  

Dr. Robert Demeria author of Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones  has me checking my food, my liver, my thyroid, my hormones, my lymphatic system, exercising and the communication from my brain and tissue cells  and I'm only on Chapter 12!!  

One person I read--it's hard to keep them all straight-favorite expression is that we are not drug deficient  we are deficient in what our bodies need to heal.   Now I am working with a more natural doctor, taking my supplements daily and doing about an 80% raw diet.

I just did some blood tests yesterday and am waiting for the results.  For myself the only way to go will be to follow the path I'm on.  My husband asked me when I would drop the natural way and go get all the other stuff.  At this point I am not be inclined to get chemo or radiation, but should the big 'C' get diagnosed I feel that I will do anything to avoid killing my immune system to live--it just doesn't make sense to me!    

All that being said--it seems to be easier for me to make these decisions when all I have is a "Possible Pathology" and not a full blown diagnosis such as yourself.  I'll be right here if you need someone to bounce ideas off.

Janet, I stand with you, Susan, and all your friends here, in believing that you will beat this.

You are smart, strong, and a treasure to me and to so many others here.  Thank you for sharing your healing journey with us.


Lynda Roy

oh my BeLOVEDs - it is so wonderful to be able to check in to the 'Hab and feel your support so genuinely and so tangibly!

thank you for being here.

Chris, I appreciate all that you've done to stay on the prudent side of this situation, using your wise discernment as you find your way.

Lynda - thank you for your affirming words- I take them into my heart - true medicine!!

today I sought out another avenue for healing and self-awareness - I found a BodyTalk practitioner and have booked a session for this coming Friday. I let intuition guide me to the right person (among a few choices in my area). I look forward to giving my body wisdom a voice to share with me.

thanks for the invitation to share as I go. To Our Health!!

We are all gathered around YOU!!  :)

Carol, you are a brave lady. My sister was also diagnosed with breast cancer a week ago and had a lumpectomy yesterday. She lives in California and she is very nervous and scared. She will have an appointment on Monday to receive all her information and options. She was only told that it had not spread to the lymph nodes. They removed a third of her breast. I wish you the best in finding the right direction to attack this demon. I would be interested in your approach, in that it might help out my sister. Please let us know how you are doing down the road. Prayers and hugs coming your way also!

Sending you love and light Janet...

How are you doing Carol? Sending prayers and hugs!

Hi Janet, also wondering how you are doing...:)

Aloha Janet,

Mahalo for posting this information. One of my hula sisters has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I will pass along this information to her. Blessings to you - and all of us here are praying for you! We will also be celebrating with you when you announce that you are cancer free! 

love and light,

starfire <3


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