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Proper hydration is perhaps the most important gift you can give your body. Just the simple act of drinking 3-4 litres (quarts) of good clean, alkaline water each day will do absolute wonders for your health and vitality. I know you've heard it before, and even from me, but sometimes we really need to re-focus and re-learn the basics, because we can become nonchalant about them, even though we know they are so vitally important.

Dehydration can likely lead to weight gain. There is also a tendency for the body to send confusing signals to your brain. An example of this is that many of us mistake thirst/dehydration for hunger, so we eat when we really need to be drinking. If we don’t get enough water our bodies, we actually retain water and feel bloated and uncomfortable. Lack of water is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. Do you recognize any of these symptoms?

Symptoms of Dehydration
~Weakness & fatigue
~Problems focusing & concentrating
~Impatience & irritability
~Headaches or migraines
~Brain fog/clouded thinking
~Short term memory loss
~Trouble articulating
~Cold hands & feet

Besides the above list, degenerative conditions including morbid obesity, heart disease and cancer are all linked with serious long term dehydration. Sounds shocking, but it’s true.

So the question is, how much water should you be drinking? Half your body weight in ounces daily, which means that if you weigh 200 pounds you should be drinking 100 ounces of pure water each day, is optimal. If you are very active or out in the hot sun for extended periods, this amount needs to increase. The good news is that you may also count any freshly extracted fruit/ vegetable juices, herbal teas and the liquid from young coconuts towards your daily total towards proper hydration.

How to Start Hydrating - and make it a habit -

I know it is difficult. Not only to start consuming this volume of water, but also to simply remember to drink this much water throughout the day.

Here are my top tips for making this a habit.

Morning Water Ritual: I know a number of you have already embraced this act of self love, but if you haven't you can start tomorrow morning by drinking 32 oz. of pure water before you put anything else down the shoot. Do it for a week and see if you don't notice a change.

Carry A Big Bottle: this is the best tip - because it makes sure you always have your water on you to sip. I personally like to have a big 1 litre bottle at all times.

Set a Reminder: this isn’t something you will have to do forever, but I recommend you set an hour reminder on your phone or watch to beep and remind you to have a big gulp or a glass of water every hour. It is amazing how often you suddenly realise it is lunchtime and you’ve not really had anything to drink!
Substitute: for every other drink you go to have, be it a tea, soft drink or bottled juice - substitute in water. You will be surprised at a) how good it makes you feel and b) how much of a pat on the back you can give yourself afterwards. This simple tip can lead to some really good, positive reinforcement that yes, you can say no and it makes you even more healthy!

Always Have Water At Your Desk: simply having a bottle at your desk at all times means that when you do remember you can tuck straight into it, rather than thinking “oh yes, water, now let me just finish this email first”

Finally - know your outcome and plan your route to success. If you have been hydrating for five weeks I can PROMISE that you will feel a profound difference in your health and wellbeing.

If nothing else - your body uses up 2.5 litres of alkaline water per day in its activities to simply keep you alive - please at least put that back in!

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Water is so important. I get headaches when my water is low amoung other things. Just from the decreased water I had yesterday I still have wrinkled fingers. I will drink til they are plump!! Plump fingers are one part of me I don't mind being plump LOL ( I know it's a sign of good hydration)
I either carry a Lovemore Bottle with the filtered water from my frig or I buy Essentia water. It's my personal favorite.

melodie bertoli said:
Thanks for the info but I need to know what kind of water bottle u carry
I use the 1 liter water bottle. It helps me to remember to drink. Whn I am out and about and my bottle is empty I stop and grab a bottled water that is alkaline. Just check the bottle for the ph. If no ph it's probably not alkaline.

melodie bertoli said:
Thanks for the info but I need to know what kind of water bottle u carry
Or are you asking what brand of alkaline water bottle we drink?

melodie bertoli said:
Thanks for the info but I need to know what kind of water bottle u carry
I take a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE!! I even have water on my nightstand, as do all my family members. Water is our drink of choice! We get our water from a nearby Spring. In the winter when it is closed, we get water from a friend who has great well water. No tap water for us! : )
Diane K. shares with us where she gets her water!
I love this video and post. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me again to drink my water!
i get headaches too when I'm not hydrated. I carry a 32 oz. bottle or a recycled QT cup around at school. Having a straw helps and saves me from spills...
Yes, staying hydrated seems to be a challenge for me. But, I'm trying! I replaced my morning cup of Joe with green tea. But, recently I purchased some Yerba Mate, then I noticed that it's "naturally caffeinated" so I'm not sure if I should be drinking that. It tastes good and is supposed to have many health benefits. Can I get some input from anybody regarding that?

Also replaced my beloved bottled spring water by using a PUR filter on my tap in an effort to stop using all those nasty one-time use disposable plastic bottles which are destroying our environment. The tap water tastes fine with the PUR filter, but now I'm wondering if it is alkaline? Should I be drinking bottled alkaline water instead? :\
Where does one get alkaline water?
Ask the grocery manager at your local health food store....I list a number of popular brands on my Focus Foods List so you could ask them to start carrying one brand or another if they don't have any of them. I have order Essentia water by the case online and you do get a discount by doing so.

The most important thing is to just be sure to stay hydrated and try to get the purest water you can. If you have a spring near your house, you can go collect your own drinking water for free....many members of our site do that!

A Eve said:
Where does one get alkaline water?
I have been dehydrated most of my adult life and it's solely my own fault. When I was in the military, I suffered from severe dehydration twice and had to be treated for it in the emergency room. Again when I was pregnant, I had to be treated many times in the emergency room. It's a very bad thing to be dehydrated.

The worst thing that happened to me is when I still had medical insurance, I was being treated for my Fibromyalgia with Effexor and Oxi-Codone (I'm sure I didn't spell that right). My bad habit of not drinking water--while drinking a ton of coffee each day--didn't mix well with the meds.

I passed out cold. On the way down, my face hit the counter and I lost my two front upper teeth, got a nice hole in my face, etc.

So, what I do--when I'm being good to myself--is to place eight pre-filled glasses of water next to me in my line of sight so that I remember to drink them throughout the day. I like using eight individual glasses so that when one glass is empty, I feel like I've accomplished something and I only have seven more to go. This really works for me. :)


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