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Where are you Raw Food Foodies getting your protein?

Before going raw I was sourcing my protein from significant amounts of lentils and black beans, but am now trying to get it from raw nuts and quinoa, which hasn't been enough.

Due to chronic pelvic pain I am unable to have soy or any soy derivatives.

Any advisement would be appreciated. 

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Lentil salad 1 cup raw germinated lentils 1 white onion, pealed n chopped 1 tomato, washed n chopped 1cucumber, washed n chopped 2-tablespoon cold-presses olive flaxseed or avocado oil Raw apple cider vinegar, to taste Sea salt, to taste A squeeze of lemon Mix the germinated lentils, onion, tomatoes n cucumber in a bowl. Pour the oil and vinegar over the Lentil salad and toss well. Season with sea salt and a squeeze of lemon. Toss again. Let sit for 2 ta 3 hours in the refrigerator to absorb the nice onion flavor.


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