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Does anyone use or familiar with the Omega VRT 350? I just got mine a week ago, and i love it except for the high pulp in my juice! Is this normal or am i missing something?!

Im really hoping i dont have to strain my juice everytime :{


thanks guys


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Hi Beth, I use the Omega VRT 350. It  has it's pros and cons. There is definitely a  "moderate" amount of pulp, but it actually doesn't bother me.  I'm not really sure there is a completely pulp-free juicer except maybe the Norwalk Press?? You may have to strain if you're looking for totally pulp-free. On the plus side, it's the easiest to clean!  I could go on with pros and cons...'s a tip I learned from John Kohler. After you're done juicing run water through the spout while the machine is still running. Makes cleaning a breeze!

I just ordered one and it's coming in the mail today!!!  I'm so excited.  I watched a lot of youtubes online and if you use it properly, supposedly it can be the best juicer.  Mine is coming with a strainer that I didn't even order in addition to it, and I ordered it from  I have to strain, HAVE to, a low fiber diet is crucial for curing one of my illnesses, but I'm not really worried about it...I'll definitely keep you posted, how ironic that you posted this today and mine is coming in the mail today!! :)


Edit, Oh, I got the Omega VRT 350 HD version.  Hope that's the same as what you have!

thanks ladies :)

Yeah i am straining, i just never read that i needed too when i was researching. o wells :P

Thanks for the cleaning tip Eileen! And i am sure the pros outweigh the cons!

Yep Lyza it is the HD one. What strainer did you get? Right now i am using cheesecloth, waiting for some nut milk bags to come in the mail.

I looove how quiet it is, and how it just chomps up the fruit/veg.. i rarely have to use the pusher!

Oh pardon me!!  I remembered wrong.  On the checkout sheet it says, "With Ultem Screen" and I took that to be a strainer...silly me.


I suppose my nutmilk bags will become my friends but I don't mind that :)  It'll be a lot less to strain--literally--and a lot less hassle than what I was dealing with before...a magic bullet, a big bowl, multiple overwhelming ingredients, and a lot to strain to make all that I needed!

Okay, update, I just got the juicer. :)


It seems to juice great, pulp is a tad wet but if you run it through again it will actually juice that and it seems okay.  However, you are right.  Very pulpy.  I adore this for things like pineapple juice, but not so much for green juice. :)  I bought a wire mesh sink strainer today and am hoping this will be a quick remedy to my situation...just going to stick it under the spout and see what happens. :)

Oh my. god.


Seriously you were not kidding about the pulp lol!!!  I have a nut milk bag in my container and I'm straining it now.  I'm certain there is an art to this though, so I am studying all of John Kohler's videos right now and I'll come back to you when I have a conclusion.  For now my hypothesis is that it seems to get stuck a LOT and this contributes to the high pulp content.

thank you Lyza! Yeah i know!!! LOL isnt it bad!? Its so annoying!  I cant wait to pick up my bags tomorrow i am been using cheesecloth now that is an art! :P

thanks for updating me, i should study his vids too :)

It seems to me the juicer does FABULOUSLY with root veggies--which is kind of what we want because for everything else--soft fruits, greens, those are just as easily made by blending in the blender and juicing through the nut milk bag, and with the Omega VRT we would just have to strain them through the nut milk bag anyway, so we may as well use our blenders for those types of produce regardless as it will make clean up easier and it won't clog up the blender.  Those soft produce especially are what clogs it up.

It LOVES pineapple and loves root vegetables.  I have made a fabulous pineapple carrot mint juice which made buying the whole thing very worth it.

It doesn't juice my mint very well and I think it's because the stems clog it up...I'm sure if I just used the leaves then I would reap better results.

It did juice spinach fabulously especially when I used carrots in between putting in spinach.


So root vegetables seem to be the key into feeding this thing properly...maybe beets, fennel, carrots, ginger, vary it up so you don't turn orange ;)


It also did well with bell peppers.


I feel it is pulpy but less pulpy if we choose the right produce.  I probably will continue straining all of my juices because I need them to be fiber-free for my current health condition--but they are a lot less dense with pulp and a lot easier to strain using the right produce, at least.  Much less hassle.


I may come back and update more if I find anything else.  Take care.  Great to know people with the same juicer as you!!

thank u Lyza! :)




I seriously LOVE this juicer now that I've got the hang of it!!!  It also makes coconut milk, sorbets (including the banana "icecream"), and nut butters (though do that at your own risk bc you could void your warrantee...possibly the same with the last two options as well).  Instead of using the plastic container straight, I put a huge bowl under it so if any splashes happen they don't go out of the cup onto my counter and make a mess, and I can make a ton more without worries.  I also use an old plastic grocery bag inside of the pulp cup to reduce cleaning time and just rinse it and let it dry so I am recycling :)  Then I just rinse everything else and it takes only a couple minutes! :)  I don't worry as much about the pulp left over in the part where it gets stuck a lot because I don't use that part to eat from too often but if I am planning to use that part to make banana sorbet or whatever, I'll just clean it beforehand.  It's so exciting!!  I love this thing :)  Just don't do anything like put in mealy apples and also, it will juice your greens WAY better if you chop them in inch long excrements before hand!!  This way you don't have long pieces of fiber cramming your juicer parts together! :)


The reverse option does really work for lessening pulpy juices--just reverse for a couple seconds, turn it on, reverse, and do this a few more times until it stops. :) 


I absolutely love how it juices root vegetables!

Today I made a beet, beet green (including stems and leaves--the entire plant!  didn't even peel it), fennel (a quarter of the entire plant, all parts!), mint, grape (it actually juices these rather well!), celery juice.  Twas delightful :)  Juices ginger great too.


So fun now that I handle it properly! :)


Fabulosity!! :)

Have another thing to say about this juicer :)  Firstly, you can take the part at the bottom of the base (the clear part that holds all of the other parts on top of it...the part with the spouts), turn it upside down, and there's a little piece of rubber that you can take out and put back in...Depending on the fruit, I might unplug it so things don't get clogged and replug it so I get more juice...for instance with hard apples and carrots, I would definitely keep it plugged in because the juicer is so efficient at juicing those without clogging...but with say, oranges or greens, I might unplug it because the pulp gets stuck easier. :)

I also want to say...unless you want your orange juice saucy (blech!), I recommend not trying to juice the pulp through might look pretty wet, but trust me, you don't want to juice that pulp back through!!

If the juicer is being naughty, I just put a bowl under it with a nut milk bag and let all of the juice go through that... :)  Then I squeeze it at the end and I have a huge bowl of juice for the day.  I have plates that fit perfectly on top of my bowls to cover them in the fridge and I use a ladle to spoon them into big glasses.  You can also take it apart really easily to see what's going on inside, just make sure you turn it off first :)  I have seen pulp get stuck in the auger and just pulled at it, then put the juicer back together and it was fine.

Ultimately, I am just appreciative that I have a juicer!  It's pretty efficient, you just have to learn how to use it to it's full-advantage...I give it a 6.8 out of 10 :)

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